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Business Scope: Offer turnkey project plan and equipment for complete animal feed processing plant  for poultry, cattle, fish and pet, from designing, equipment manufacturing, factory constructing, comissioning, debugging and onsite operation training.

Production Output Range: 1~1000,000 tons/year

ABC Machinery supplied poultry and cattle feed plant adopts module design which can realize customized feed processing plant. Meanwhile, as an experienced feed mill machine factory, we can also help you make the best business plan for setting up your own animal feed pellet plant, like mini poultry feed mill, or large chicken feed or poultry feed factory. Just feel free to send an inquiry to get poultry feed manufacturing plant cost and designs details.

Main Equipment of Poultry Feed Plant

poltry feed mill plant project design and report

We are expert of pellet production equipment and plant. With rich experience of manufacturing and installing complete poultry feed plant project, ABC Machinery should always be your best and reliable supplier of animal feed plant machinery. All our poultry feed equipment is offered at the most competitive price. (Click here is your want to build a Mini Poultry Feed Mill India )

The advanced animal feed manufacturing technology and professional engineering design ability ensure the best quality and safe feed, avoid pollution and cross contamination, and also reduce the production cost of animal feed factory project. If you are interested to know more details and latest price of our poultry feed pellet plant or the related feed processing equipment, you are welcome to contact us!

Build a Poultry Feed Pellet Plant Project

poultry feed pellet plant project build for medium to large production line
One of Our Poultry Feed Pellet Plant Project (Steel Frame)

poultry feed mill factory design - turnkey business plan
Chicken Feed Mill Factory Desgin

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Raw Material Receiving System

The poultry feed plant has a raw material receiving state that deals with the processes such as removal of impurities, conveying of raw materials and categorizing them on the basis of shape and size etc. This process is very important in the pelletizing effect of the feed hence it is given utmost importance and is done with great expertise. Pulse dust collector that collects the dust, Screw conveyor that moves the raw materials and the distributor which distributes raw materials to the respective chambers are the three basic parts of a raw material receiving system. 

Read More: Project Report: 1-2 ton/h Poultry Feed Plant set up in Uganda

Crushing System

poultry feed plant crushing machine - designed for complete feed production
Feed Crushing System

The raw materials are then sent to the crushing system of feed pellet plant. This system reduces the size of the particles as per the consumption size of animals. The raw material is at first uneven in size and is mostly big that makes it unfindable to small animals such as goats and lambs. This is why the raw materials are first subjected to the crushing system that crushes the raw material into small bits which can then be turned into proper feed pellets. This helps animals achieve greater nutrition hence making them more capable and healthy. 

Batching System

animal feed plant raw material receiving system
Feed Batching System

After crushing the feedstocks in crushing equipment, they will be sent to the batching system. This system as the name suggests batches or segregates raw fodder materials as per the requirement of the consumption size of the animal. This process often comes after grinding and just before mixing of the raw materials with the feed. This system consists of 3 basic parts such as Vertical Spout magnet that remove metallic ingredients from the pellets, bucket elevator that removes heavy particles and the mixer which is the most important of them all mix the pellets properly together.

Pelletizing System

poultry feed pelletizing system for manufacturing large scale fodder pellets
Poultry Feed Mill Equipment Details

After Batching the soft feed is then sent for the final process which is called Pelletizing or pellets making process. In poultry feed pellet mill, the soft feed is turned into compact pellets that are easy to store and transport. These feed pellets are formed by forcing the soft pellets through metal holes and cutting them into small pieces as per the consumption of animals. This process is very important as it's responsible for the proper nutrition of animals that eat them. This regulates a number of calories they get through the pellets. This is also helpful when there's a need to increase or decrease the diet.  (Related Machinery: Newly developed small poultry feed mill machinery for sale )

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Bagging System

poultry feed plant bagging system - low cost project desgin

The final process of complete poultry feed plant is called the bagging or packing system and is self-explanatory. This process ensures that the feed pellets produced by the feed mill machines are properly stored for long term use.

poultry feed pellet production plant PLS control system
PLC Control System

ABC Machinery specialized in designing and manufacturing small poultry feed mill machinery, movable low cost feed plant unit and turnkey poultry feed production plant and related animal feed processing machinery. Our highly experienced team of engineers designs feed mill machines according to the CE requirement. Our equipments are designed to achieve best pelletizing effect and mazimum output. Our aim is to help customers setting up an animal feed manufacturing company at lower cost. We design animal feed pellet plant of different capacities for almost all kinds of poultry and livestock, such as chicken, pigs, goats, horse, rabbite and so on.

Recently, a small Poultry Feed Plant Machinery of 5 ton/h is ordered and shipped to our client in Mali, click the link to see more details. If you prefer to know more establishing a chicken feed factory or poultry feed milling plant, please don't hesitate to get in contact with us, we are always on your service! Take this turnkey feed factory for reference: 100 ton/h Poultry Feed Making Machine

how to start your own production line with best business plan

Feed Pellet Quality Specifications
Guaranteed Analysis
Propionic Acid (min.) 73.00% as calcium propionate
Anhydrous Purity 97 - 100%
pH of a 10% solution 7.0 – 9.0
Residue Not more than 2% (200 mesh screen)
Moisture 0 – 5%
Odor None to faint propionic acid


How to Increase the Profitability of Animal Feed Pellet Plant?

Everyone aims at increasing profits towards the business they are involved in. Suppose you want ensure the profitability of your animal feed production business, how will you deal with it? The first thing you will think of are ways to increase feed mill machines productivity. To get more significant benefits, you need to know the position that you are in and how you can improve it. You must have a starting point for more significant improvements. How you can increase the profits of the animal poultry feed mill plant? here are some of the ways:

  • Reducing Processing Input Cost

This may be considered as the best way for many people. When you reduce the cost of ingredients involved in animal feed production line, high profits will come up. It is better to look for other ways before lowering input costs.

  • Increasing Feed Production Rate

In long term, you may want to save money and have to cater for damages the poultry feed equipment involved, and yet you could have solved it earlier. Increasing the productivity of the chicken feed machine would be practical and achievable way by producing more consideration tons of feed pellets in less time, which further can expanding the profitability.

  • Ensure High Quality Feed Pellets

To ensure the productivity is at its best, you need to have a great balance between production rate and feed pellet quality. Good quality feed pellets represent a high return on the investment, while low quality feed pellets are certainly not going to be profitable in the long run.

  • A Proper Energy Savings Plan

Investing in motors that save energy can save the costs that may be brought by broken steam lines. This also has effects on the environment that the animal feed plant mill is in and the people around it. The energy that is environment friendly and better for workability would be great.

  • Good Housekeeping

To increase productivity, it is better to have a good housekeeping program, which will ensure the factory where employees are working is clean. It should also be in the lookout for rodents and pests that may come to destroy the machines being involved at work.

  • Good Data Collection

It may seem like something that is not be considered in this case, but the truth is it is very vital. It is essential to pay attention to the quality of the ingredients being involved. Track both the inputs and outputs to have proper records, and it will show when the poultry feed factory production is increasing or decreasing.

In this way, the profits of feed mill for poultry may be guaranteed. If you still questions about it how to achieve the profits when starting animal feed pellet making business, please contact us or other professionals for guidance. We are always here for your needs!

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  • Hello! I represent a company from Croatia. This year I am planing to build a new plant for polutry feed. It's capacity should be 10 t/h. What i want is a turnkey project, All equipment including bins, machinery, automatization and assembly. I need 4 steel bins(hot galvanized), 50 tons capacity and 6 plastic bins, 10 tons capacity. These bins are for raw materials. I also need 4 bins, 10 tons capacity for finished product. Please send me quotation for such plant. Best regards.
  • Please check email attachment. Anything unclear pls don't hesitate to write to us.

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