1TPH Chicken Feed Plant

Project Name: Chicken Feed Plant
Production Capacity: Make 1 ton chicken feed pellets per hour
Country: Ordered by our client in Thailand
Application: This small feed plant can process various domestic fowl feedstuff such as grain, bran, fish meal and so on.

Chicken Feed Plant Photo Display

Before shipment, we took some photos which are listed below. If you need detailed including equipment list and cost, don’t hesitate to contact us! (If you are going to invest in a large scale poultry feed production plant, clicke here to view our 20 ton/h turnkey feed mill projects>> )

small scale chicken feed plant for individual poultry feed production investors
Full View of the Small Chicken Feed Pellet Plant
complete equipment for start a small to medium chicken feed mill
Side View of the Feed Plant
grain crushing and feed mixing equipment of the feed manufacturing plant
Crushing and Mixing Machine
flat die type poultry feed pellet mill for small feed line
Pellet Machine and Feed Cooler
chicken feed pellets cooling equipment for small feed making factory
Pelletizing, Cooling and Conveying Equipment
chicken feed pellets bagging process and equipment
Pelletizing, Cooling and Packing Section
chicken feed packaging machinery for bagging final animal feed
Feed Bagging Machine
chicken feed produced by the poultry feed machine set
Chicken Feed Pellets

If you have any questions on making chicken feed or selecting feed processing equipment for your chicken feed plant, don't hesitate to contact us for help! We are alwasy glad to help you! You are also welcome to inquire about the project cost!

how to start your own production line with best business plan

Classification of Chicken Feed

Before starting your business of poultry feed processing, you must have a clear understanding of poultry feed. Here let's get into the classification of chicken feed. Chicken feed can be broadly classified into five categories:
  • Energy Feed
Grain, such as wheat, sorghum, corn, millet, etc.
Bran, such as rice bran, sorghum chaff, wheat bran, etc.
Oil and fats, such as vegetable oils and animal oils.
  • Protein Feed
Animal Protein Feed: fish meal, blood meal, etc.
Vegetable Protein Feed: bean cake, peanut cake, etc.
  • Mineral Feed
Such as salt, shell powder, stone powder, bone meal, etc.
  • Vitamin Feed
Such as vegetables, carrots, etc.
  • Feed Additives
Nutrient Additives: trace element additives, amino acid additives, etc.
Non-nutritive Additives: such as antibiotic additives, insect repellent and anti-mildew agents, etc.

0~4 Weeks Old Chicken Feed Formula

(The followings are some formula examples for broiler of 0~4 weeks)

Feed Formula 1
Corn 56.01%, soybean meal 30-19%, vegetable oil 4.75%, cottonseed meal 3.00%, rapeseed meal 2.00%, stone powder 1.43%, calcium phosphate calcium 1.39%, salt 0.37%, additive 0.36%, lysine 0.30%, 0.19% methionine, and 0.01% threonine.

Feed Formula 2
Corn 55.75%, soybean meal 32.4%, fish powder 4.0%, lime acid slag 4.0%, shell powder 1.1%, calcium phosphate 1.3%. Fat 0.25%, salt 0.2%, premix 1.0%. (This is for 0~2 weeks old broilers)

Feed Formula 3
Corn 54.5%, soybean meal 33.4%, fish meal 3.0%, lemon acid residue 4.0%, shell powder 1.1%, calcium hydrogen phosphate 1.3%, fat 0.25%, salt 0.25%, premix 1.0%.


Full Feed Formula for 0~8 Weeks Oil Broilers

(The followings are formula examples for broiler of 0~8 weeks)

0~2 Weeks: Corn 58%, soybean cake 28.0%, fish meal 12.0%, shell powder 0.75%, bone meal 1.0%, salt 0.25%.
3~4 Weeks: 10.0% of corn and 90% of “0~2 weeks feed formula”.
5~6 Weeks: 20% of corn and 80% of “0~2 weeks feed formula”.
7~8 Weeks: 30% of corn and 70% of “0~2 weeks feed formula”.