Mini Movable Pellet Plant
Capacity: 250~350kg per hour;

This mini pellet plant is our newly developed product to meet the needs of small farms and pelletizing factories! This movable pellet plant solution is getting more and more popular in recent years!

Small Pellet Plant
Capacity: 500~800kg per hour

Build a small pelletizing unit and start a small scale pellet making factory with limited budget! High automatic, high output, small occupation.

Stamping Briquette Plant
Capacity: 500kg~5000kg per hour;

This is an pelletizing and briquetting all-in-one machinery. It can make both pellets (φ8mm/φ10mm/φ22mm) and briquettes (φ70mm/φ30mm).

Wood Pellet Plant FAQs
What Materials Can Be Made Into Biomass Pellets?

There are a wide range of raw materials which can be made into fuel pellets by wood pellet mill. You can find the suitable raw material almost everywhere on the earth. Some of them are unwanted and useless wastes. Some are agro-residues. Some are factory scrap. For example, live garbage, production trash, crop straw, branches, bark, leaves, wood scraps, rice husk, peanut shell, sunflower seed shell, bamboo shavings, bagasse, palm shell.

What Is Pellet Die?

It is a professional terminology referring to a key part of pellet making machine. It can be seen as the mold of pelletizing. The quality of pellet die largely affects the quality of final pellets. Pellet die is generally made from high hardness stainless steel alloy. To ensure high finish degree and long service life, pellet die will be processed through vacuum heat treatment and precision finishing. Pellet die can be divided into flat die and ring die. Wood pellet mill can also be divided into flat die pellet mill and ring die pellet mill depending on the pellet die type. Flat die pellet mill is suggested for small scale pellet production and individual use, such as home heating or cooking. Ring die pellet machine is suitable for large pellet production and industrial use.

What Are Pellet Roller?

Pellet roller works with pellet die, constituting a die-roller assembly. There are at least two rollers and one die mounted in the pellet mill chamber. For flat die pellet press, there are die-turned type and roller-turned type. For ring die pellet press, the rollers are subject to the die. During the pelletizing process, high pressure is produced between the die and roller. When the raw materials are fed into the machine chamber, the roller will press them towards the die. After the feedstock is forced through the die pore, pellets are made. You need to adjust the position of the roller and die to achieve good pelletizing effect.

What Is Compression Ratio of Biomass Pellet Mill?

Compression ratio is related with the diameter and length of pellet die pore. It is a key factor which affects the effects of pelletizing. Different raw materials have different requirements on die thickness and pore size. There are two ways of calculating the compression ratio. One is die pore diameter to die efficacious pore length; the other is the pore diameter to efficacious pore length and relief area. For more information, please feel free to contact us.

What Are The Main Factors That Can Impact The Effect And Yield Of Pelletizing?

Raw Material Breed: Some biomass materials are easy to pelletize while others are hard to process. For hard-to-process materials, adding appropriate binding agent can help improve the pelleting result. Feel free to ontact us and ABC Machinery is very glad to share binding agent knowledge with you! Raw Material Moisture Content: 12% to 15% is suggested. (It is a rough value range calculated according to project experience.)
Feed Stock Size: 3mm to 4mm is suggested.
Besides, feeding speed, compression ratio and pelletizing experience are all matters.

Can You Provide On-site Installation Service? Does The Quotation Include Installation Costs?

Yes, on-site installation is available. But the installation cost is not included in the quotation since it is a kind of individual demand. So you need to pay extra if you need on-site installation.

Which Countries Does Your Machine Sale To?

Worldwide shipping is available.

What We Off?

Offer customized pellet plan depending on your specific raw materials, which means the plan is your exclusive pelletizing solution. Our R&D department will do their best to satisfy every customer and help your choose the right moulds and dies based on numbers of testing results.

Pellet Mill

Suggest the right pellet mill to you depending on your requirements and specific situation. Right machine means right product and earning more money. We can also offer valued information about setting up a pellet plant or videos / pictures of pelletizing processing ect...

The Quick

The most important thing that goes after quality is service. Buy from ABC Machinery pellet mill manufacturer and we can promise you the best after-sale service. Besides, we are also confidence in the price of our pellet mill and pellet plant for sale.

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