Making Biomass Pellets from Horse Manure & Barn Wastes

In the past few decades, fuel pellets have proved as a great energy source for residential as well as commercial and industrial uses. Biofuel pellets are convenient, easy to store and they are made from renewable sources. Although the conventional way to produce the pellets is from compressed sawdust and other wood byproducts, almost any organic material can be used for this purpose. However, the main problem with the application of those substandard materials in the pellet production is that they provide pellets of uneven quality and performances.

from animal barn wastes to fuel pellets
From Animal Barn Wastes to Fuel Pellets

Biomass Pellet Machine for Horse Manure and Barn Wastes

Horse manure and barn wastes have proved to be a source of high-quality fuel pellets. Since the manure and barn wastes are dried before pelletizing. They lose any urine smell. The finial pellets smells like common wood pellets when burning.

horse manure and barn wastes biomass pellet machine for sale
Equipments Related to Horse Manure / Bedding Wastes Pelletizing Production

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Naturally, this eco-friendly method of pellet production is especially suitable for various farm owners that have the access to this particular materials. They can use it as a practical and cheap alternative to other fuels, but this approach also offers other benefits. For instance, it can considerably reduce the potential waste disposal costs. Of course, other byproducts such as chicken manure and bedding can also be used for pellets production.

The fuel pellets derived from this process have a truly great quality and they are low in ash and virtually free of any harmful contents. Most important, they are odorless when burning, just like common sawdust pellets. That's why they are a superb choice for farm owners and different local communities.

How to Transform Horse Manure / Barn Wastes into Biomass Pellets?

Now, how can you prepare and transform a base horse manure and bedding waste into useful pellets? We have developed a great and practical Bio Burner drying system designed just for that specific purpose.

animal manure drying production line suitable for poultry, sheep, horse manure
Large Production Line of Animal Manure
Suitable for chicken manure, sheep manure and horse manure etc.

First of all, the manure has to be sufficiently dried. In its original form, horse manure has the moisture content of about 40%. That means that its moisture content has to be reduced to below 15% and that's where drying system comes in. It utilizes hot water to dry the manure, equipped with two augers. The first one is furnished with powerful hammer mill used for the initial preparation of the course manure. Once when the manure is reduced in size and refined to a degree in both augers, the next stage of the pellets preparation is the fine hammer mill. It is equipped with a delicate 5mm screen that additionally refines manure. The final step is to take the fine particles received in this process and compact them even further into the pellets of the appropriate sizes, usually to 6mm or 8mm. (Related News: 2 TPH Napier Grass Pellet Production Equipment Shipped to the Philippines)