Newly Developed Mini Poultry Feed Plant for Small Livestock

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Our company has developed a mini poultry feed plant. The equipments which are included in this small plant are the feeding machine, crusher, mixer and storage silo, pellet mill and automatic electric cabinet. It is possible to customize it depending on the fulfillment of the customers’ demands by different types of livestock, poultry, and cattle.

mini poultry feed plant for small farmers
Mini Feed Plant Equipment (making small scale feed pellets for poultry and cattle)

  Processing Range of Raw Ingredients: soybean, wheat bran, corn, meal, corn straw, peanut shell, rice husk, straw, as well as some other raw materials associated with the feeding formula.

  Applicable Area: Our company has designed this particular set of feed pellet mill mainly for the small-scale poultry farms, animal farms, as well as the farmers.

The following picturer shows the common feed pellets diameter for different animals.

Small Scale Poultry Feed Pellets Making Procedure

First of all, raw materials of different sizes are ground by the crusher to an appropriate size so that they can be pelletized. Then the crushed materials will be collected and mixed well in the storage silo. Following this, these crushed materials are going to be delivered to the feed pellet mill machine.

Test-Running of Mini Poultry Feed Plant

You can get an idea of the working condition of the brand-new mini animal feed pellet manufacturing line by watching the following video. In case you want to get some more information, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

Mash Feed Vs Pelletized Feed

  • These feed pellets which have been manufactured by our feed pellet plant are beneficial for the digestion of the animals as well as the absorption of nutrients.
  • This pelletizing procedure, with an appropriate design, is capable of causing the pancreatic enzyme boycott factor’s degeneration effect by destroying all types of parasitic ovum plus other pathogenic microorganisms and thus minimizing the detrimental effects on the digestive system as well as its ailments. These feed pellets, in contrast to the mixed feed powder (mash feed), are more beneficial economically.
  • Full-bodied fragrance is produced by the animal feed materials during the pelletizing procedure under high pressure and high temperature. These are the ideal choices for livestock as well as poultry animals like cattle, pig, chicken, sheep and rabbit with an increase in nutrition absorption by as much as 300%.

mash feed or pellets feed
Mash Feed or Pellets Feed

You might feel the need of a turnkey project solution in case you happen to be a manufacturer of large animal feed and require a large scale or a medium scale commercial animal feed production line.

our feed mill machine factory
Our Factory

Let us know regarding your capacity requirements and the information you need regarding raw materials as well as what type of animal you would like to feed and you are going to receive a customized equipment list, business plan along with project cost from our engineers. Do not give any second thoughts to get in touch with us in case any question is lurking in your mind!