Use Chicken Feed Making Machine to Make Your Own Feed Pellet

Offer livestock and poultry feed making machine for manufacturing broiler feed, layer feed, cattle feed, pig feed, duch feed, sheep feed, rabbit feed, etc. Our feed mill machines comes with different capacity (from 50kg/hour to 1 ton/h per single machine). There are also many options for driving device, including electric engine, diesel engine, gasoline engine and PTO type.

chicken feed making machine for small production line
Chicken Feed Making Machines

Innovation through engineering has had a tremendous impact on the agriculture field. Time-saving and cost-cutting by using chicken feed making machine have helped farmers. Farmers no longer spend most of their time making forage manually for their poultry. Scaling production for farmers and automation in chicken feeding has benefited through the use of industrial machines. We can also offer equipments for setting up cattle feed mill.

Pelleted Chicken Feed Making Process

pelleted chicken feed making process
1TPH Poultry Feed Mill Process Flow

Pelleted chicken feed is getting more and more popular due to its promotes in feed efficiency, egg & meat production yield in poultry farming. Especailly in recent years, more and more farmers set up their own small poultry feed factory and started local business. Actually, the process of making chicken feed pellets is not complex and the main process is listed below:

  • Fodder Crushing: Feed crushing machine is used to grind the raw fodder into mash. It not only helps improve the feed palatability, but also make the easier and more effecient to digest. As a result, the laying rate of layer chickens and growth rate of broiler chicken can be greatly increased. 
  • Mash Feed Mixing: The crushed fodder will be mixed evenly and uniformly in feed mixing machine according to your specific feed formula. The most common used ingredients includes corn flour, wheat bran, fish meal, bone meal, soybean meal and various minerals. 
  • Feed Pelletizing (from Feed Mash to Feed Pellets): Chicken feed making machine is use to turn well mixed mash feed into pellets. Using pelleted feed helps reduce raise cost.
  • Feed Pellets Cooling: The pelletized chicken feed will be cooled to room temperature. The moisture content of final chicken feed pellets is below 12%.

Chicken feed making machine uses little effort to produce animal feeds. The machine innovation has led to domestic birds like chicken and ducks to benefit immensely from its use in making animal feeds.

Global Market of Chicken Feed Production

In the United States of America, 70% of commercially produced poultry feed is pelleted. Chicken fodder is formulated by the feed pellet making machine to offer the farmer engineered woven feed retaining the essential organic nutrients. Chicken feed has various sources of nutrients. That is grains, nutrients, and beans. Weather, weight, age, and quality of production are some of the factors chicken feeds is dependent on. With the use of chicken feed making machines, helps create the favorable conditions that support the requirement of the poultry feed. Below we discuss the importance of using a chicken feed processing machine.

chicken feed production market
Pelleted Chicken Feed Manufacturing Business

You can take this 1 ton/h poultry feed manufacturing plant built in Uganda for reference.

Benefits of Using Chicken Feed Making Machine

The process of pelleted chicken feed has the advantages including innovative technology, retains nutritional value, digestion of the feeds is easy, erases toxins, reduces wastage.

  • Innovative technology

Poultry feed was formulated to help farmers in feeding a large number of animals. An average household could not accommodate a feed making machine before because they were huge. Compact small feed making machines are now available and suitable for ordinary home use. The average house power source can now support the devices because our small feed mill machine have single phase power. The structural change does not mean the machines are less efficient. They can pelletize plant matter and other sources to animal feed and fertilizer. The pellet machine can produce 150 KGS at the usual rate.

  • Retains Nutritional Value

The chicken feed making machine mixes the ingredients by pressing and then molding. Manual labor used to require lots of effort before the invention of the device. The process in formulating the chicken feed does not affect the nutrition. The nutrients that help livestock in growth stick to the by-product.

  • Digestion of The Feeds is Easy

Chickens ingest the pelleted feed efficiently because the feed pellet making machine has pellet-die. The pellet-die influences the diameter of the pellet which is favored to be 3mm for easy digestion.

  • Erases Toxins

The pelletizing pressure is a result of high temperatures produced by the machine. The high heat kills all harmful bacteria.

  • Reduces Wastage
Poultry machines minimize wastage in micro-ingredient which occurs in other techniques. 

The chicken feed making machine regardless of the ingredients will make nutritional poultry feeds. Our small poultry feed mill machine can be driven by electric motor, diesel engine or gasoline engine. The agriculture industry has achieved fewer costs and more produce through the use of the machine. (Related Product: Large animal feed pellet mill for industrial production plant)