Accessory Equipments

As you come to this page, you must be interested in setting up a animal feed pellet production line. The followings are common accessory machines for feed pelletizer and complete plant of poultry feed manufacturing. Just feel free to contact us if you have any questions about animal feed pellet making or interested in getting more detailed about our equipments (

Crushing machine

Classification: water drop crushing machine, hammer mill

crushing machine for feed production line - making animal feed pellets

Water drop crushing machine

  • The crushing chamber bottom has U type of secondary striking groove, which greatly improves the crushing efficiency and production. Fast and full open operating door, elastic pressure screen, convenient to repair and change the screen pieces.
  • It adopts high quality of bearing to make sure the using time.
  • The rotor of water drop crushing machine has a precise dynamic balance verifying to make sure the stable running and low noise. Each hammer mill weight is no more than 3g.
  • By adjusting, Coarse grinding, fine grinding, minuteness grinding are all in one machine. It is usually used to produce cereal.
  • The inlet has a plate, and the both sides of hammer can be is no need to open the door to change side.
  • The hitting side of the hammer has tungsten carbide which can prolong its service life time.

hammer mill for animal feed pelletizing plant

Hammer Mill

  • there is a Thorn plate in the machine which can break the materials and produce the energy consumption.
  • The hitting side of the hammer has tungsten carbide which can prolong its service life time.

Mixing machine

classification: drum mixing machine, horizontal double ribbon mixing machine, single shaft paddle mixing machine, double shaft paddle mixing machine

mixing equipment of animal feed pellets producing line

Double Shaft Paddle Mixing Machine

  • It adopts stainless steel, the mixing is more uniform.
  • The mixing speed is fast, the period is shot and the mixing uniform is high, GV<5%;
  • Pneumatic wide open discharging, so the materials discharging is fast.
  • It is equipped with return air duct, dust has no leaks. (4)No vacuum to stop the paddle working.
  • You can customize special atomizing spray system, which makes the molasses and oil adding more uniform.
  • It has hydraulic cylinder pipeline.

Drum Mixing Machine

  • The materials adopts stainless steel;
  • The mixing uniform is high, CV (variable coefficient)<5%, the mixing time is short;
  • There is no residues, the seal is good;
  • It can be suitable for the mixing of powder additives and microelement

Cooling Machine

cooling machine for poultry feed pelletizer

  • It uses counter flow cooling principle, avoid the direct contact of cool air and the hot materials producing the shock chilling phenomenon, which avoid the pellet surface from cracking.
  • The cooling hopper has the refinder that can distribute the pellets evenly avoiding the pellets stacking.
  • Usually, there are two kinds of discharging methods: sliding discharging and shaking discharging, both of them adopt interval discharging technology. You can set different time to meet requirement. Shaking discharging is mainly used to cool sawdust pellets, while sliding discharging is mainly used to cool feed pellets.
  • New type of octagonal cooling bin, materials are affected by the wind without dead ends, the cooling effect is good.
  • The cooled pellets temperature is no more than 3-5°

Other Feed Pelletizer Accessories

feed pelletizing production accessory equipment

Distributor:The structure is compact, and the location accuracy is high; there is a control template and limit switch; it can clean the dust in the machine. The operation and repair is convenient.

Pocket Elevator: The head can cover rubber wheel, fire, wear to prevent the belt slippage, There is a balance pipe between the head and rear of the machine(the lifting height is over 10mm) which can correct the balance. It can be used in all kinds of conveying.

Permanent Magnet Drum: It totally adopts stainless steel to remove the iron greatly, the deironing efficiency is 99%, magnetic field intensity≥3000GS.

Pulse dust collector: The dust collector uses high pressure airflow to shake the bag, The structure is squirrel-cage framework which is convenient to dismount and wash the hop-pocket.