3 TPH Wood Pellet Production Machine Line in Malaysia

Project Name: Wood Pellet Production Machine Line
Project Location: Malaysia
Project Output: 3-4 Tons per Hour
Used Biomass Materials: Mainly Sawdust

pellet production plant for hardwood
Solutions for Making Pellets from Hardwood

This project is 3-4t/h pellet line to process wood materials. In this project we need to install pretreatment systems and pelletizing system. It is built in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The raw material is a local hard wood chips and sawdust. The client say it is very hard wood that he can't put any nails inside.

wood pellet production machine line project manager and clients
Project Manager and Our Clients
wood pellet equipment line for 3 ton per hour production plant
Finished Construction
wood chips crushing machine of the pellet plant
Wood Crushing Machine
storage silo for crushed wood, sawdust
Sawdust Storage Silo

Since there is also sawdust besides of wood chips, so it needs need match the rotary sieve to get rid of the big size chips in the sawdust. The wood chips separately are crushed by the hammer mill, and after crushing, it is not directly processed for the next step, but are lifted to a 9m silo by the air fan for storage.

The sawdust which is stored in the silo can make sure the continuously feeding for the pelletizing process. There are two wood pellet machines in this project. Though the client say the wood is very hard wood, but the testing capacity of each ring die pellet machine can reach 1.7ton per hour, which make client very satisfied.

Layout of the Wood Pellet Production Line

The facility mainly include: conveying machine, sieving machine, drying machine, ring die pellet machine (BPM508), pellets cooling facility as our trial production. (Click here to get more details of the Accessory Equipments for Complete Pellets Production)

place the wood pellet production machine
Set the Pellet Machine
place the drum dryer
Set the Drum Dryer
construction of biomass stove for drying production
Construction of Biomass Stove for Drying Process
biomass and wood materials cleaning and drying process before pelletizing
Raw Materials Cleaninga and Drying Section
3 set of wood pellet machines included in the project
3 Set of Ring Die Pellet Machine
build a complete scale wood pellet production line with low cost
Project in Construction
electric carbinet group of the complete biomass energy processing plant
over view of the biomass fuel pellet production machine line
Over View of the Pellet Making Factory Inside
wood pellet production machinery test run
Commissioning of the Plant
extruded wood pellets from the complete plant
Final Wood Pellets

After processed in the wood pellet production machine line, the sawdust is compressed into high heat value energy pellets for easier transportation. Due to high demands of high standard pellets in the world market, we guarantee this plant has bright future.

how to start your own production line with best business plan

This pellet plant is one of its kind for our Malaysia client. If all go well and he win in this business we hope we will have another cooperation with him and others in the locality. We wish him well and hope to do more business with our client.