Biomass Pellet Plant

Offering complete biomass pellet plant not only small scale for farm and workshop, but also large scale production for commercial pelletizing factories. The capacity of our pelletizing plant for sale ranging from 200kg to 20 tons per hour. We have built lots of successful projects around the world including Vietnam, UK, Serbia, Morocco, Malaysia, Italy, Israel, Ghana, Chile and Australia etc.

2 ton per hour biomass pellet plant project design
The Configuration of 2~3 Ton per Hour Production Line of Biomass Pellets (2 sets of pellet mill)

3 ton per hour wood pelletizing plant business plan and factory desgin
The configuration of 3~4 Ton per hour Production Plant of Biomass Pellets (3 sets of pellet mill)

A biomass pellet plant is the process structure that transform wood logs, timber or lumber (or other raw material) to pellets. In most cases it includes: raw material crushing, drying, pelletizing, pellets cooling and packing. The pellet plants manufactured by ABC Machinery cover a wide range of target production: from 0.5 ton/hour to 12 ton/hour; for smaller target productions there are projects from 200 kg/hour to 300 kg/hour. The raw materials suitable for biomass pellet plant is presented hereafter.

  • Debarking

The debarking is made by removing the logs’ bark, making easier the chipping and pulverization steps. It can be done mechanically or hydraulically. This step prevent an excess of impurity in the continuation of the pelletizing process.

  • Chipping

The chipping process is mainly to reduce the material from logs to wood chips. The size of the chips should be about 2 cm X 2 cm for maximum efficiency on pulverization step.

wood chipping equipment for big scale biomass pellets making factory

  • Crushing

Hammer mill / crusher is used to crush the wood chips in even smaller pieces, until it's like a powder. In some cases, an integrated crusher can be integrated to decrease the size even more, so the pelleting step will be more efficient. The addition of one integrated crusher also ensures stability to the pellet mill.

biomass pelletizing plant crushing system for industrial scale business plan

  • Screening

This step objective is to cleanse and purify the material from impurities. These impurities may be leavings from the debarking step or iron scraps, oversized impurities that were accumulated from other parts of the plant. Besides the special sifting equipment, it is also offered magnet tubes installed on conveyors and on pre-pelletizing surge bins to remove residual impurities from metals.

  • Drying

The material's humidity may be higher than what's desired by the pelletizing step. So, it must be dried in drying equipment. The drying process is made by hot air. The specified humidity is from 12% to 15%.

biomass pellet plant drying system for producing large scale pellets

  • Pelletizing

Depending on the biomass pellet production scale, a type of pellet machine (also called pellet press or pellet mill) is recommended. To small scale production plant, the best equipment is the Flat Die Pellet Machine (capacity: from 200 kg/hour to 1000 kg/hour). For large scale production line, the recommended is the Ring Die Pellet Machine.

biomass pelletizing system of complete wood pellet mill plant

In a wood pellet plant, the pellet mill is the most fundamental machinery. When the material is finished being pelletized, it's shaped in granule or column cylinder. For very large plants (from 4 to 6 tons/hour), sometimes more than one wood pellet mill is needed; the ABC Machinery excels in providing biomass pellet plants with assembled pellet mill.

  • Dedusting System

To reduce fly ash emissions, the pellet plant is designed with a dedusting system which works together with the pelletizing system. The cleaning system consists of a pulse dust collector, cyclone, pipeline and an air lock. The ABC Machinery works with the concept of environmental protection and purifying work environment.

large scale pellet production dedusting system

We are very happy to offer clients a manual dust collector and pneumatic pulse dust collector based on different needs. The dust pulse collector is an upgrade of the manual dust collector but has a metal coating and is equipped with a pneumatic system to replace manual force by an automatic dedusting system. Moreover, the dust bags can be renewed with low costs and low maintenance.

  • Pellets Cooling

Freshly produced biomass pellets may damage the integrity of the package due to high temperature and pressure during production, the temperature of these fresh pellets can be from 80AC to 90AC. For this reason, a cooling system is required to ensure the package content quality and a longer storage time. In addition to the cooling device, the system should be equipped with a cyclone separator to separate pellets from powder and send these last back to the pelletizing step.

cooling machine for commercial scale wood pelletizing plant or factory

  • Sifting

Besides the powder that may flow with the pellets, some of them may be mealy at this point, so a sieve separate the good pellets from the small amount of mealy ones and qualify the packages.

  • Packaging and Sealing

ABC Machinery can also provide a packing system. Biomass pellets will be weighed and accordingly packed in bags to facilitate storage, transportation and marketing. The packing models are diverse, according to client's requirement. The packing machine offered by ABC Machinery is integrated with a sealing machine, maximizing the process efficiency.

wood pellets bagging and sealing machine for large production line

  • Electric Control System

A PLC electric control system is very useful in a biomass pellet plant, offering a much more professional experience, which ABC Machinery is able to offer due to abundant experience accumulated over years in connecting a variety of electrical control systems with the pellet plant. The electric system can be based on China's standard or according to client's requirement. The PLC cabinet can be assembled on the surface with an explanatory diagram instructing the operators with the control procedures.

If you are planning to set up a complete biomass pelletizing plant, ABC Machinery should be your BEST pellet plant manufacturer with rich experience and competitive factory price. Don’t hesitate to inquiry about detailed info about our equipment and customized pelleting plant.

  • Necesito cotizar para traer va Chile, una planta para producir pellets de aserrin de pino con capacidad entre 800 a 1000 kg/hora . Compre una pellets mill a Zhangqiu Yulong Machine Co. y es de muy mala calidad , no he podido trabajar con ella (SKJ450) Saludos cordiales I need to quote to bring will Chile, a plant to produce pellets from sawdust of pine with a capacity between 800 to 1000 kghora. Buy a pellet mill to Zhangqiu Yulong Machine Co. and is of very poor quality, I have not been able to work with it (SKJ450) Best regards.
  • Thanks for your inquiry . We know Zhangqiu Yulong Machine Co... What is the problem with that machine(SKJ450)? Is capacity of SKJ450 can not reach 800 to 1000kg/hour? Or SKJ450 can not process sawdust? Please tell us where the problem is.
    We need to know more about your Old Pellet Palnt you have( you bought SKJ450 from Zhangqiu Yulong Machine Co.). Can you please answer my following questions:
    1. Do you also process sawdust with that pellet plant?
    2. Is the moisture of sawdust 15-20% too?
    3. Is there drying system in that pellet plant?

    With above information, maybe we can find where the problem is.
  • Thank you for helping solve my problem.
    Answer 1: the machine SKJ 450 was bought to make pine sawdust pellets.
    Answer 2: we tested with sawdust with 13% humidity and the sawdust is endurecion forming a crust lasts without passing through the holes in the die.  We did tests with sawdust with humidity 20% sawdust fails to pass through the holes in the die l holes become clogged with sawdust roller stop rotating, dragged on the die creating much friction, and lights up the sawdust (fire).
    Answer 3: we have not bought the dryer (dryer), we dried sawdust in manually.
  • Please check email attachment, feel free to contact us if any questions.
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