2TPH Cow Feed Making Machine Line

Project Name: Cow Feed Making Line
Production Output: Produce 2 tons feed pellets per hour
Application: This animal feed making line can process various kinds of feedstuff for different livestock such as cow, sheep and cattle.

Cow Feed Making Machine Photo Display

This feed manufacturing factory is designed and built for one of our domestic customer who was planning to make medium scale feed pellets for livestock animals espacially cattle, cow and sheep. The followings are some photos for your reference. If you need detailed equipment list and cost, please feel free to send an inquiry!

2 ton cow feed making line for sale at low price
Livestock Feed Making Line
cow feed making equiopments for small to medium feed mill
Pretreatment Section of the Feed Pellet Plant
cow feed batching and mixing machine for medium sized feed line
Storage Silo and Mixing Machine
fodder processing equipment for cow feed making production line
Feed Pelletizing Section
cost of starting a cow feed pellets making line
Feed Cooling Section
pretreatment equipment details of the cow feed producing line
Crusher and Silo
cattle and sheep feed making machine line supplier and manufacturer
Pellet Mill and Cooling Machine

Dairy Cattle / Cow Feed Production

A Dairy cattle or cow is reared for its milk. This is mostly, in some parts of Africa. Feeding the cattle anc cow increases the production of meat and milk.There are different types of cow feed such as grass and hay (dried green leaves and grass), cracked and shelled corns and in most instances, feed pellets. For high nutrients intake, easy digestion and absorption feed pellets should be given. The pelletized feed do not have any side effects on the cows. Other than its advantages to the cow, the pellets are also advantageous to farmers as they are easily transportable and storable. (Related Product: Build a Small Feed Pellet Plant >>)

Classification of Cattle / Cow Feed

The multiple nutrients in the cattle / cow feed help in the growth of cattle. Vitamins and minerals aid in the metabolism of proteins. Protein is responsible for the growth of the cattle. There are four classifications of cattle / cow feed. They include, complete feed, concentrated feed, premix feed and grass feed.

equipment for making livestock feed pellets

  • Complete Feed

The complete compound feed is generally made of starch, proteins and additives. The main feed is mostly, pasture and corns. Legumes provide protein. Starch, also known as carbohydrates, are sourced from maize (corn) and wheat. Additives boosting the nutrition health of the cattle and also add flavour to the animal feed. These additives include salts, vitamins and minerals and powder from bones. It is "complete formula feed" as they contain all the nutrients a cow needs and can be used directly for livestock breeding industry, generally no need to supply any other feed except water. Feel free to contact us if you need a project plan for complete feed making machine line.

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  • Concentrated Feed

Another classification of the cattle / cow feed is the concentrated feed. They also contain proteins, carbohydrates (energy food) and additives and additives such as minerals. The concentrated feed is used as supplements.  Some cattle or cow only feed on pasture, silage and corns. So they need concentrated feed to supply other nutrients for their bodies such as proteins and minerals. In other terms, the concentrated feed are nutrition boosters. Just tell us the component of your concentrated feed, and the we will help you make the best business plan!


how to start your own production line with best business plan


  • Premix Feed

Premix feed is mainly made of  feed additives. The feed additives include nutritive additives, general additives and the drug additives. Proteins, vitamins and minerals are included in the nutritive additives. They boost the nutrition health of the cattle. General additives include incense enhancer and mildew proof. The drug additives contains drug contents that prevent or control diseases.  However, only 1%~5% of premix additives is used in dairy cows.

livestock feed processing for making pellets feed products
Feed Pellets for Livestock Breeding Industry

  • Grass / Forage Feed

In the list of classification there is pure grass or forage feed also. They contain pasture, hay and stalk. They are easy to make. The feed is high in fibre and its additives are vitamins and minerals. They are also low in calories (they do not contain carbohydrates and fats). The fibre aids in easy digestion. One can turn hay or pasture into pellet. The pellet do not ferment in the presence of water as does hay. It also does not need much care when it comes to storage. By this the farmer's workload is reduced. Even though they may seem dry, feed pellets prepared in the farms contain high moisture contents that keep the cattle and cow hydrated. If you are looking for feed making machines for processing grass or forage feed, we recommond you our Movable Feed Plant in Container >>