5 TPH Poultry / Cattle Feed Plant Machinery Exported to Mali

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Agricultural and livestock is the foundation of economy and the main source of income for over 80% of the population of Mali and therefore remains an important sector which cannot be ignored. Feed manufacturing or processing is the process of producing animal feed or “fodder” from raw agricultural products such as hay, straw, silage, compressed and pelleted feeds, oils, sprouted grains and legumes etc.. Fodder produced by manufacturing is formulated in order to meet the specific animal nutrition required for different species of animals at different life stages depending on their gender, breed and environment.

5 ton feed pellet production process flow

5Ton per Hour Small Feed Pelletizing Business Plan and Manufacturing Process

Small Feed Plant Machinery for Poultry and Cattle

A set of small scale poultry and cattle feed plant machinery has been exported to Mali lately, the eighth largest country of Africa.This pellet plant was designed for making feed pellets for poultry and livestock animal which has the capacity of 3~5 ton per hour.  The quality of this equipment was inspected by experts before the delivery. The formulated feeds produced on this plant meet the standards for safe feeding which will ensure the sanitization leading to a better health of the animals. (Related News: Small Animal Feed Pellet Mills Exported to Nigeria)

small scale feed manufacturing plant for making poultry and cattle feed pellets
Feed Plant Machinery Loading

electric conrol cabinet for small scale feed pellet production line project
Electric Control Cabinet

small capacity cattle feed pellet plant machinery for sale low price
Ring Die type Cattle / Poultry Feed Mill

The idea was to have a plant that could produce 25t of feed per day; 10t per day for poultry and 15t for cattle which will include protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals.The feed would be made of the following ingredients: Corn, Barley, Feed and Meal Flax, Wheat flour, Wheat Bran, Powdered BONES, Salt, Powdered Fish, Rice Straw, Lentils Straw, beet Pulp, Clover, alfalfa, vitamin mixes and bread. These various ingredients will be blended smoothly and efficiently to ensure that every bite of the finished product has balanced nutrients.

Machinery Included in the Feed Plant

The main equipment of the animal feed pellet plant includes: 2 units of elevator, 2 units of crusher, 1 unit of animal feed pellet mill, 1 unit of mixer, 1 unit of screw conveyor and 1 unit of pellets cooler while other equipment include: draught fans, air lock, cyclone dust collectors, electronic control devices, electric wires etc.

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feed pellet machine for smal cattle andl poultry feed production line
5TPH Feed Plant Machinery in Container

The plants are based on an easy to use design which can also be customized so fit different and special requirements. Repairing and training opportunity ensure the production of high quality animal feed for the poultry and livestock.