1TPH Wood Pellet Manufacturing Company In Italy

Project Name: Wood Pellet Manufacturing Company
Plant Location: Italy
Raw Material: Spruce Wood, Pine Wood, Beech and Douglas (Mixed)
Production Capacity: Produce 1~1.2 ton wood pellets per hour (1 ton/hour)
Production Process: log cutting → debarking → wood splitting → chipping → crushing → drying → pelletizing → pellets cooling → bagging
Project Cost: Contact us now to get detailed machinery list and project cost.

Photos of the Wood Pellet Manufacturing Company

This wood pellet manufacturing company was designed and built for one of our client in Italy. It is equipped with automatic feeding and drying system, so that the labor cost is largely reduced. The photos below show some details of the factory inside. (Related Project: 2-3TPH Chestnut Wood Pelletizing Line in Italy )

wood log for wood pellets manufacturing production
Lumber / Round Log
log spilitter for wood pelletizing mill
Log Splitter
wood crushing process of the fuel pellet manufacturing company
Wood Chipping Section
wood crushing / chipping machine for complete pelletizing line
Wood Chipper
biomass sawdust drying section of the pellet making company
Drying Section
wood pellet manufacturing company producing medium scale fuel pellets
Drying Section
complete wood pellet manfuacturing company equipment details
Wood Pelletizing Section
wood pellet manufacturing machine - ring die type pellet mill
Ring Die Pellet Mill
wood pellets cooling and bagging section of the pelletizing factory
Pellets Cooling and Bagging Section
biomass pellets packaging equipment debugging
Pellets Bagging Machine Debugging
wood pellets storage bin
Wood Pellets Storage Bin
wood pellets packing machine details
Details of the Packager
manufactured wood pellets in bulk
Manufactured Wood Pellets
wood pellets in bag
Pellets in Bag after Packing

Cost of Proucing Wood Pellets

When it comes the cost of producing wood pellets, a lot of factors comes into play if you want to start your own wood pellets company. The cost typically ranges from 100000 to 10000000 RMB. The finished pellets are usually used for heating larger power plants and industrial boilers. They are also used at home to meet eco-friendly requirements and alleviate energy problems. These pellets can generally be made from wood logs, wood shavings, saw dust, biomass straw, and forestry wastes. Outlined here are some of the factors affecting the cost.

how to start your own production line with best business plan

  • The Raw Material

For the production to take place, the process requires a moisture of 10-15% and raw material of size 2-6mm. without these conditions, there will have to be preprocessing. You need a crushing equipment to crush wood waste and branches. You also need a drying equipment for a high moisture level. More equipment will, therefore, affect the price upwards.

  • The Yield

The first major factor that determines the pellet plant cost is the production output. Since you need a large machinery and high efficiency to produce a large yield, it means the price will also be high. A higher output capacity corresponds to the higher price level. (Related Product: Large Pellet Machine for Industrial Production )

  • The Process

The production process can be defined as the operation mode and automation degree of the production line. A high degree of operation means a high price. The higher the degree of the transport and the running mode, the lesser the dust and the higher the price. Conversely, a simple process automatically means a cheaper price. Once the production process is complete, packing is necessary to protect the pellets. (Related Article: How to Make Budget of Wood Pellet Plant? )

  • The Quality

With the wood pellet manufacturing industry currently booming, many people start with the market. There are different prices and qualities brought about by lots of manufacturers in the market. Good pellet manufacturers are not only stable and but also tech savvy. This means that their prices will also be high. To produce your own pellet fuel, you must get good manufacturers with a stable technical support.