1TPH Poultry Feed Plant in Uganda

Project Name: Poultry Feed Plant
Production Capacity: Produce 1~2 ton feed pellets per hour.
Factory Location: Uganda
Formula for Chicken Feed: Sunflower cake, soybean cake, soya, maize, fish meal, bone meal, soybean oil and premix.

We offer global sales and services that include technical guidance and overseas installation services. Our plants have automatic control, are highly efficient, and are low consumption. The pellet diameter is from 1.5mm-8mm. (Related News: 5 TPH Poultry Feed Plant Machinery Exported to Mali)

Poultry Feed Pellet Plant Photo Display

This is a complete poultry feed plant project built for one of our customer in Uganda. It is designed for manufacturing chicken feed pellets in small to medium scale production. If you are planning for starting your own animal feed producing business and want to get more details about the equipment and cost, don’t hesitate to contact us! (Related Article: 5t/h Feed Pellet Production Line Equipment Schedule)

poultry feed plant factory built for 1 ton per hour feed pellets production
Factory for the Project
small scale poultry feed plant design and construction
Earlier Stage of the Project Construction
poultry feed plant first floor equipment layout
First Floor Equipment Layout
animal feed plant second floor under construction
Second Floor under Construction
poultry feed mill machine of the feed processing factory
Poultry Feed Mill Machine on 2nd Floor
complete small scale poultry feed pellet plant design
1st and 2nd Floor of the Feed Mill
poultry feed plant top floor equipment layout
Top Floor of the Poultry Feed Mill
poultry feed plant project manager
Project Manager and Our Clients
cheap small poultry feed plant equipment for sale
animal feed machinery for extruding high quality fodder pellets

You get the most benefits and save money when you choose the right animal feed machinery company like ABC Machinery. Farmers want the most quality feed that is quickly and best consumed by chickens, and our company is devoted to creating the feed processing machine that does just that. We can offer complete poultry feed pellet plant that provides a solution that is sanitary, nutritional, balanced, and easily digested.

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Final Poultry Feed Pellets

The followings are the pellets manfactured in the commissioning process of the feed mill project.

manufactured poultry feed pellets
Produced Feed Pellets
produce chicken feed pellets
Details of the Feed Pellets

Feed Pellets vs Mash and Traditional Fodder

When comparing poultry feed pellets to mash or regular fodder, it is evident that the feed pellets are cleaner, healthier, and easier for transportation. They offer a more condensed way of providing essential nutrition. Therefore, feed pellets have increased in popularity in the past decade. Our Feed Machinery makes quality and lasting poultry feed plant with your needs in mind.

The Main Process of Complete Poultry Feed Plant

Tips for Manufacturing Poultry Feed: Poultry feed often contains a high amount of grain and that means it is high in fiber. Good pre-conditioning quality ensures successful feed pellets production. Maintain the proper amount of moisture and monitor the heat source- both indirect and direct- as it will make the mash soft with great flexibility of Gelatin-like starch is a great binder to form the pellets. Too much fat in the formula will create a lot of fine formations during pelleting. We suggest adding 1% of the fat into the mixture to lower the wear on the dies and improve the product throughout the pellet mill. The addition fat can be sprayed evenly on the pellets to increase the fat contents and the surface of the pellets.

poultry feed plant process


  • Raw Materials:Ingredients that can be used in the feed plant include soybeans, soybean meal, alfalfa, corn, fish meal, amino acids, fusel meal, additives, whey powder, oil, meat, bone meal, corn sweet sorghum, etc.
  • Grinding Process: The Hammer Mill is suitable for grinding raw materials into powder into a size that is optimal for the pellets. (Click here to see all the related accessory equipment in feed processing plant)
  • Mixing Process: The use of the Mixer blends various ingredients thoroughly to ensure the nutrients are well balanced and evenly distributed to each pellet.
  • Pelletizing Process: The poultry Feed Pellet Mill is the main component in the poultry feed pellet plant. Compared to the flat die feed pellet machine, the ring die Feed pellet machine is more efficient and suitable for higher quality poultry feed pellet production in larger farms or feed pellet factories. The built-in steam collection conditioner mixes and cooks materials completely and uniformly to meet requirements and ensure that the final product is of the highest quality. (Recent News: Small Feed Pellet Mills Exported to Nigeria)

In the end, you are left with completed pellets, rich in nutrition, palatability, and digestibility. Feed pellet coolers and packing machines are available for purchase for optimal results. Additionally, we can customize the capacities for our poultry feed pellet production line to meet different requirements of our clients.

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