Analysis of Factors Affecting Wood Pellets Making Machine Capacity

Production capacity is always a key indicator to measure the good or bad of a wood pellets making machine. Wood pellet making equipment is designed and manufactured with different models, different raw materials, and capacity will vary. Most experienced pellet machinery manufacturers will choose a more stable single pellet machine to set up the wood pellet production plants. (Related article: how to make wood pellets>>)

Factory Price Wood Pellets Making Machine

Recently, there were customers who has bought our wood pellet making machine for building a wood pellet fuel factory sent us one question: with the same one wood pellet making machine, why the capacity is large in the manufacturer trial, but the capacity in his production is not large, and the pellet discharge is slow? If you have the same question, Pkease continue to look!

Factors Affecting the Wood Pellets Making Machine Capacity

The capacity of the wood pellet mill is related to many factors, such as, raw materials that you have, equipment that you choose, operation and maintenance that you do during the wood pellets production etc.. So, you should know more about these factors before you start wood pellet business plan.

Different Types of Raw Materials

The characteristics and types of raw materials you use can not be ignored. When the wood pellet making machine presses the raw materials, like straw, wood chips, grasse etc. due to the different hardnesses and sizes, the output is different. (Related article: how to make wood pellet fuel>>)

Raw Materials For Wood Pellet Making Machine
Raw Materials For Wood Pellet Making Machine

In addition, the material humidity will also affect the equipment processing capacity, too high or too low humidity affects the molding, the moisture content of the raw material to be processed should be about 13-20%. (Read more: biomass pellets cost>>)

Wood Pellets Making Machine Configuration

The most critical factors affecting the wood pellet mill output are the wood pellet mill equipment itself, such as mechanical performance, equipment configuration and reasonable configuration of the pellet mill.

Factory Price Wood Pellet Making Plant for Sale
Factory Price Wood Pellet Making Plant for Sale

Choose the right die compression ratio for different materials, like small pellet mill (left picture) or ring die wood pellet machine plant (right picture), and correctly adjust the distance between the pressure roller and the die when installing.

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Correct Operation During Wood Pellets Production

Reasonable control of the wood fuel pellet making machine feeding volume and its output is inseparable. We have seen these customers, to enlarge the wood pellets production, who feed an excessive amount of raw materials, causing the phenomenon of card material, seriously affecting the production efficiency. Also, this operation reduces the lifetime of the wood pellets making machine, increasing the maintenance cost.

Regular Maintenance or Not

When the wood pellet machine has worked for a long time, the corresponding accessories may appear wear, aging and other problems, which are very normal. The key point is to maintain them in a regular time before starting production, during the production and after the production.


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