Smart Choice for Small Sawdust Pellet Making Machines

As the world population is thriving continuously, people are looking for alternatives for fuels. Sawdust pellet is a great substitute that is used for heating purposes in variable industries. For making these pellets, wood residues that are left behind after the wood cutting process, are being utilized. Sawdust pellet machines are used for converting loose sawdust into more useful and dense pellets.

Sawdust Pellets for Heating
Sawdust Pellets for Heating

Small Sawdust Pellet Making Machines

Small sawdust pellet machine are comparatively smaller in size which makes them environmentally friendly as they help in fighting global warming. These small sawdust pellet making machines can be used at homes and small industries. As the need for fuel alternatives is increasing with the time and people are getting more aware of its uses, demand for sawdust pellet mill machine is also increasing. (Read more: Starting a Wood Pellet Business >>)

Sawdust Pellet Making Machine
Sawdust Pellet Making Machine
Small Sawdust Pellet Machine
Small Sawdust Pellet Machine

Small sawdust pellet making provided by ABC Machinery features the functions of traditional biomass pellet making machine, but has less demand for the electricity and can adapt to more conditions. It has simple structure and is more flexible and convenient in use. It can also help users to reduce the labor and production cost with efficient pellet making process.

ZLSP Small Sawdust Pellet Making Machine for Sales

Model Capacity Power Weight Dimension
ZLSP 150B 50~100 kg/h 5.5 kw 95/110 kg 800*450*700 mm
ZLSP 200B 80~120 kg/h 7.5 kw 200/230 kg 1050*480*930 mm
ZLSP 230B 120~200 kg/h 11 kw 290/320 kg 1180*540*100 mm
ZLSP 260B 160~250 kg/h 15 kw 320/360 kg 1240*540*950 mm
ZLSP 300B 250~400 kg/h 22 kw 350/380 kg 1300*560*1100 mm

Please Note: We also provide small sawdust pellet making machine that is powered by diesel engine, gasoline and PTO, which offers more accesses for customers to make the sawdust pellets or start pellet making business. If you are interested in sawdust pellet mill price, please contact us to get the detailed parameters and price list!


Tips on Buying Small Sawdust Pellet Making Machine

If you are thinking about starting a small scale sawdust pellet making business, then it is essential to be aware of what to look for in the sawdust pellet making machine before buying it.

Small Sawdust Pellet Making Machine Manufacturer
Small Sawdust Pellet Making Machine Manufacturer
Factory Price Sawdust Pellet Making Machine
Factory Price Sawdust Pellet Making Machine
  • Purpose of Buying Small Sawdust Pellet Making Machine

As a small sawdust pellet making machine can be used for your domestic or small pellet plant, it is important that you first ask yourself what the purpose of buying this machine is. When you visit the market, you will find there a huge variety of small sawdust pellet making machines. Every machine will have its own specifications according to the purpose of its use. So it would be easy for you to make the right choice if you know why you are purchasing it. (You may be also interested in Sawdust Briquette Making Machine >>)

  • Machine Quality

The quality of pellets highly depends on the quality of sawdust pellet machine you choosen. If a machine has a very productive die, roller, and engine then chances are you will get profitable results. On the contrary, if the machine is not as productive as described by the sawdust pellet machine suppliers then you might face loss. So you can check the quality of the machine if you bring your own raw material along with you and try it in the machine to see the results. If the results are what you were looking for, then go for that machine and choose it.

  • Machine Maintenance

You should pick a machine that does not need lots of maintenance. Because if you make a wrong pick, then you could end up spending more on its services and maintenance after making the purchase. You should also examine the after-sales service provided by the manufacturer. Before signing a contract, mention your terms regarding after-sales services.

  • Machine Usefulness

There are some small sawdust pellet making machines that are solely used for making sawdust pellets and there are some in which you can use different raw materials to make a variety of pellets. It is better to purchase a small sawdust pellet making machine that can be used for other raw materials as well. this way you can save a lot on money, space and time.

  • Machine Applicability

As mentioned above, bring your raw material with you to check the machine's applicability for that material. Its mold plate must be properly examined so that you get the output that you wanted to get. Similarly, other important parts should also be observed cautiously.

If you are still have no ideas about how to choose a right sawdust pellet making machine for your own use or for your business, please just contact us and describe your requirements in details, our professional engineers will help you on the equipment selection, cost evaluation and more.


Reliable Small Sawdust Pellet Making Machine Manufacturer - ABC Machinery

In addition to small sawdust pellet mill machine, we also provide turnkey project of complete biomass pellet plant for large scale capacity. In many countries, like Korea, Guatemala, Japan, Thailand, Russia, Peru, Tanzania, Egypt, Morocco, Latvia, etc. Our pellet mill machine has been exported to more than 60 countries. Just feel free to contact us to get the FREE quotation!