How To Make Hard Wood Pellets with Pellet Machine?

making hard wood pellet with wood pellet machines

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What Are Hard Wood Pellets?

Hard wood pellets are literally pellets produced from hardwood wood. As we all know, wood pellets are made of various raw materials including forestry residues and agro wastes, and hardwood is one of the forestry residues. 

raw materials to make hard wood pellets
Raw Materials to Make Wood Pellets

The so-called hardwood is a hard-textured tree, which is an antonym to softwood. Hardwoods are mostly taken from deciduous fine leaf forest trees, including oak, mahogany and birch, red oak, hard maple, alder, beech, boxwood, etc.. Usually the hard wood price is higher and the quality is relatively good.

Two General Types of Hard Wood

Types Detailed wood
miscellaneous woods beech, elm, Quercus etc.
mahogany rosewood, pear, sour branch, chicken wing wood, etc.
NOTE: If you have raw materials which are not sure to be made into wood pellets, you can send some to us for testing, we will start testing as soon as we receive your raw materials. Contact us now please!

How Do You Make Hard Wood Pellets?

Making hard wood pellets is not complex, what you need to do is know more about the preparation before starting hard wood pellets production. Due to the different conditions of the raw materials, we offer both the single hard wood pellets making machine for sale and  the complete wood pellet machine plant to meet the requirements. So, the production processes are not the same.

Hard Wood Pellets Making Machine for Sale

We have researched and produced the R-type pellet mill for sale specifically for hardwood pellet production, so feel free to contact us if you have questions! (Related article: how much does a pellet mill cost>>)

making hard wood pellets with R-type pellet mill

Making Hardwood Pellets with R-type Pellet Mill

There are two cases when you start to make hard wood pellets with a wood pellet mill.

  • If your raw material is in large pieces, you need to crush the material into small pellets with a wood hammer mill and then dry the crushed material with a dryer (optional). After that, you can feed the materials into a flat die wood pellet mill.
  • If your raw material happens to meet the requirements for pellet making, you can put the material directly into the pellet mill.

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Complete Wood Pellet Making Plant for Hard Wood

For starting to make hard wood pellets in a complete pellet mill plant, it needs a series of processes and equipment. (Read more: biomass pellets cost>>)

  • Raw Material Preparation 

In the complete pellet making plant, raw materials preparation is the first step, including crushing and drying to make the raw materials to meet the requirements of wood pellet production. 

  • Pelletizing Step

When the raw materials are ready, they are conveyed to the wood pellet making machine to be pressed into wood pellets with the same size and shape. You can choose the most suitable wood pellet machine type for your raw materials in this step.

  • Cooling Step

After pelletizing in the wood pellet machine, the freshly produced wood pellets have high temperature, needing to be cooled to the out-door temperature, thus prolonging the lifetime.

  • Packing Step

Generally, a complete pellet making plant is used for making wood pellet fuel for sale in the green energy production factory, or investing in the wood pellet production industry etc. So, packing the final processed wood pellets is easy to transport, and a packing machine is equipped in this process. 

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Making hard wood pellets for fuel with hard wood pellets making machinery projects in The Czech Republic, Guatemala, South Korea, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, etc., at low cost. by hard wood pellets making equipment manufacturer or supplier at factory price. Welcome to contact us for more information about making hard wood pellets!