Which Machine to Choose, Flat Die or Ring Die Wood Pellet Maker?

machine for making sawdust wood pellets - small,large scale pelletizing production
Guidance: How to select high quality wood/sawdust pellet making machine?

Pellet mill according to the different die can be divided into two kinds of flat die pellet mill and ring die pellet mill. Both types can process various biofuel materials such as sawdust, straw, hay, pine wood, wood chips, shavings, alfalfa, grass, hops processing. Then what's the difference between these two types of wood pellet maker machines? You must be clear about that before the purchase so that to decide which type of pellet mills you should buy. (Read more: how much does a wood pellet machine cost? )

Comparison of Flat Die Pellet Maker, Ring Die Pellet Machine

flat die small wood pellet plant vs ring die industrial wood pellet plant
Flat Die type Small Wood Pellet Plant (left), Ring Die type Commercial Wood Pellet Line(right)

Which equipment should we buy to make biomass pellets or sawdust pellets? Let's analyze., 

Flat Die Pellet Maker Vs Ring Die Pellet Maker Machine

  • What is Flat Die Wood Pellet Maker?

Flat die pellet presses have many options on engine selection, such as electric engine, diesel engine, gasoline and PTO (power-take-off, pellet mill without engine which should powered by agricultural equipment).

Due to the simple structure, low cost and simple maintenance, it is more suitable for home-use, small-scale wood pellet production and individual users, and widely used for DIY making your own wood pellets at home or on farm. However, this kind of small wood pellet maker is not good if used in industrial or commercial pellet plant, mainly because the pressure is small, the output is also relatively low.

  • What is Ring Die Wood Pellet Maker?
Ring die wood pellet machine has high speed, high pressure, extremely high molding rate, reaching more than 95%, suitable for large production capacity. So if you want to build an industrial wood pellet plant or want to make a customized wood pellets manufacturing business plan for large scale wood pellet processing design, ring die pellet machine is the best choice for you!

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how to start your own production line with best business plan

Besides, there is another pellet machine alternatives which can make both small pellets and large briquettes. (Read more: All-in-one Multifunction Wood Pellet & Briquette Machine >>)

Advantages and Disadvantages Between Flat and Ring Die Type Pellet Machine

small wood pellet press machine flat die roller kit details,assembly instructions
Flat Die type Wood Pellet Maker Machine Details

good working horizontal ring die wood pellet machine installation instructions
Ring Die Type Wood Pellet Machine Details

  • Difference in Pelletizing/Extruding Pressure
In the same diameter die, the size of the ring die pressure wheel diameter is limited by the diameter of the ring die, the pressure is not adjustable, in the suppression of wood chips peanut skin and other coarse fiber materials, in the machine design pressure is difficult to shape, even if the molding due to overload work, wear and tear on the machine, the die pressure wheel skin needs to be replaced in a timely manner, and the die can only be used once, the follow-up cost is great; (Related Articles: Best Budget Straw Making Machine - High Efficiency)
The flat die pellet maker machine adopts three conical press wheels with complete steel structure and a big shaft in the middle, and the die with special heat treatment is installed underneath, the rotation of the die drives the three press wheels above to rotate, the pressure is adjustable, the output is stable, the density of sawdust/wood pellets is large, and the die can be used on both sides. In addition, the size of the diameter of the flat die press wheel is not limited by the diameter of the die, so it can increase the space of the internal shaft and choose large bearings to enhance the bearing capacity of the press wheel, which improves the pressing force of the press wheel and prolongs the service life.
  • Difference in Roller & Press Adjustment Methods
Ring die granulator is to use the middle of the pressure wheel eccentric wheel on the two screws to adjust the pressure; flat die granulator is the use of threaded wire column center adjustment mechanism, top force of 100 tons, the drop is smooth, soft touch, uniform pressure. (Maybe you are also interested to know how to make corn stalk into pellets?)
  • Difference in Feeding Method During the Wood Pellets Making Process
Ring die granulator uses mechanical forced feeding, high-speed rotating centrifugal distribution into the granulation chamber, through the scraper to distribute the material, uneven feeding; flat die granulator is by the weight of the material itself into the vertical pressing chamber, can be uniform feeding.
  • Difference in Wood Pellets Discharge Methods

Ring die belongs to the high speed, high breakage rate when the material is discharged; and flat die belongs to the low speed, low breakage rate.

how to start your own production line with best business plan