Is it cost effective to make corn stalk pellets?

  • Q: How to pellet corn stalk? Are corn stalk pellets suitable for home heating or warming? How much is the corn stalk pellet mill? Is it affordable for the common family? And one more question, is it possible to improve an old coal boiler and make it suitable to burn biomass pellets? How much would that save if I burn corn stalk pellets instead of coal?

A: Corn stalks can be directly processed into pellets. Corn stalk pellets have already been widely applied to urban and rural cooking and warming. The price of a pellet mill differs between different sizes and types. Generally, a small pellet machine is around 300-500. And a 200-500kg/h pellet plant (including slicing, drying, crushing, pelletizing, cooling, screening, conveying, dedusting and packing) costs about 70,000-90,000$.

Making Corn Stalks Into Pellet Fuel

We all know that burning straw is bad for the air, but we can't find a reasonable and environment-friendly way to deal with it. Just like we all know that environmental pollution is too serious, but can't find an easyway to solve it. Wood pellet mill machine is such an environmental protection equipment, the corn straw will be processed and effectively used to turn into highly effective fuel used for heating and cooking at home etc. effectively solving the problems of corn stalks stacking in the countryside.

making corn stalk into pellet fuel
Making Corn Stalk Into Pellet Fuel

Coal boiler can be converted to burn biomass pellets. Compared with a coal boiler, a biomass pellet boiler doesn’t need a chimney and you no longer have to deal with a coal cinder. The small amount of stove ash emissions can be directly used as crop fertilizer. If you have any questions about making corn stalk into pellet fuel, you can contact us for more information.

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Is It Cost Effective To Make Corn Stalk Pellets?

Speaking of whether corn stalk pellet production is cost-effective or not, we should pay attention to the following factors, including raw material cost, production process cost and applications of the final produced corn stalks. (Related artticle:straw pellet machine for sale>>)

  • Raw Materials Cost

Agriculture is the basis of human life, and corn is also an indispensable type of food crop for people's lives. The corn stalk used to be burned directly or piled up; but nowadays, straw can be turned from waste to treasure. (Read more:making pellets from leaves>>)

corn stalk pellets

Corn Stlak And Corn Stalk Pellets

If you have a crop farm, congratulations to you for starting corn stalk pellets production business; while if you decide to buy the raw materials, the price is very cheap because the stalks are regarded as waste in the crop farms.

  • Production Cost

The production process cost includes production cost and the equipment prices. You can start corn stalk pellet production only with a small wood pellet machine, and you also can setup a complete corn stalk pellet making plant to get much more profit. The production cost and equipment quantity are decided by your production capacity. (Related article: how to make wood pellets>>)

  • Applications of Final Corn Stalk Pellets

For the final corn stalk pellets, you can use them for your daily home heating and cooking, you also can produce corn stalks pellets for sale in your local places, making a contribution to the environment protection locally.

NOTE: The cost of corn stalk is free or very low, the production cost is decided by your requirements, and you can use the final produced corn stalk pellets for many applications. (Related article:biomass pellet machine price>>)

corn stalk pellet mills delivering site
Corn Stalk Pellet Mills Delivering Site

So, how could you say it is not cost-effective  to make corn stalk pellets? Now, come and contact us for the latest price list of corn stalk pellet making equipment and more information about making corn stalk into useful pellet fuel, we are always here for you!

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