2-4TPH Poultry/Cattle Feed Plant Setup in Uzbekistan

If you are planning to setup chicken feed factory or start cattle feed manufacturing business in Uzbekistan, you are recommend to take this feed mill project report in UZ for reference! It is designed to make both mash feed and pellet feed. (Related Project: 20ton/h Industrial Complete Feed Mill Plant >> )

Small Poultry / Cattle Feed Plant Setup in Uzbekistan

poultry, cattle feed plant supplier in Uzbekistan

The basic info of this small poultry / cattle feed plant is listed below:

  • Project Name: Animal Mash Feed / Pellet Feed Plant
  • Production Output: Can produce 2ton/h - 4ton/h feed mash or feed pellets.
  • Application: Designed for make all kinds of feed products for different animals including poultry (chicken, duck), cattle, sheep, goat, horse, etc. It is possible to produce both mash feed and pellets feed of different size by this set of feed manufacturing unit. 
  • Feed Mill Location: Uzbekistan (UZ)
  • About Cost: Send us an inquiry now to get equipment price list and detailed project cost >>


Feed Mill Details and Layout Display

View the photos below to know more about the livestock feed pellet mill, process & layout design. You are also welcome to contact us, tell us your capacity needs and rough budget, then we can help you make the BEST customized feed processing business plan for FREE !

poultry mash feed plant construction and design
Lay the Foundations for the Mill
poultry cattle feed mill design
Feed Plant Steel Structure
commercial cattle feed plant project report
Equipment Placement
livestock feed plant cost
Equipment Placement
cattle feed plant manufacturers in Uzbekistan
Start Poultry / Cattle Feed Business
low cost cattle feed plant machine for sale
Cattle Feed Plant Onsite Construction
cattle mash feed lant setup cost
Cattle/Poutlry Feed Pellet Mill Nearly Complete

The price or cost to setup a 2-4ton/h feed mash and pellet feed plant is around $65,000~$85,000. Actually, it is closely related to the capacity, feed production process design and equipment selection. Just feel free to get in touch with us for cost details!

Details of Other Feed Processing Machines

animal feed plant machine for poultry and cattle
Pre-processing Equipment
feed crushing, mixing and pelletizing machine
Feed Crushing, Mixing and Pellet Making Machine
cheap cattle poultry feed machine details
Feed Pellets Cooler & Breaker, Packager and Electric Control Cabinet

High quality animal feed material, scientific feed formulation and standard feed processing parameter, reasonable feed processing equipment and technology are the three basic elements to ensure the quality of poultry feed or cattle feed. When the poultry/cattle feed plant is built, its basic functions are to ensure efficient and reasonable animal feed manufacturing from the raw materials.

Poultry / Cattle Feed Plant Project Cost in Uzbekistan

Here in this part let's talk about the cattle feed plant cost. The cost of raw materials accounts for 70%-85% of the cost of feed processing, and with the integration of the global economy, the price of raw materials mainly depends on the relationship between supply and demand, so there is great uncertainty. With the attention and implementation of fine management in mash feed plant or feed pellet plant, the competition of cost control ability in feed production and processing gradually highlights its importance. So, how to reduce the feed production cost for farmers, investors, enterprises in Uzbekistan?

run poultry feed plant
Test Run
produced mash feed or pellet feed
Produced Complete Formula Feed Pellets
poultry feed and cattle feed in bags
Packaged Complete Feed or Compound Feed
animal feed plant experts and clients
Our Engineers and Clients

Animal Feed Making Factory Running Video

Reduce the Mash Feed / Feed Pellet Production Cost

Feed manufacturing cost refers to the various production cost incurred by feed processing plant for producing products or providing labor services, including direct material cost and feed production cost. In order to reduce the feed processing cost and achieve the purpose of gain profits, it is urgent for the feed manufacturing plant to control the production cost through scientific and reasonable cost control after eliminating the raw materials consumption. Here are some practical and useful tips that can help you reduce the feed production cost.

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  • Control Electricity Cost

Electricity is accounted for the largest part of the power supply for a feed processing plant, the main ways to reduce the feed plant power consumption are:

  1. Ensure fully prepared, cohesively arranged feed production process; Reduce the production preparation time and equipment idling; Avoid the waste of manpower, electricity, fuel, time cost
  2. Minimize the variety and frequency of transshipment
  3. Reduce equipment downtime and maintenance time
  4. Adopts different performance of the equipment and process, the power consumption varies greatly.
  •  Control Spare Parts Inventory

Poultry or cattle feed manufacturing factory should have good arrangement of the following work:

  1. Formulate reasonable inventory of accessories to reduce capital overstock
  2. Set up the records of accessories receiving and consuming
  3. Determine the standard range of normal consumption.
  4. Regularly evaluate and assess the quality of spare parts provided by suppliers, and strengthen the whole-process management of maintenance spare parts procurement.
  • Control Maintenance Cost

The reasons for the high maintenance cost are as follows:

  1. They don't pay attention to the reparative maintenance of equipment and tools and buy new ones at every turn;
  2. The maintenance level is low, resulting in repeated maintenance of high costs, especially in the number of overhaul times;
  3. Maintenance accessories wear, including poor quality procurement, shoddy, accessories lost, stolen, damaged, etc.;
  4. The animal feed factory accessories procurement lack of monitoring, leading to high procurement costs;
  5. The cost of maintenance auxiliary materials is high (steel, welding rod, oxygen, acetylene, grinding wheel, cutting saw blade, etc.);
  6. The equipment preventive maintenance is insufficient, resulting in the equipment completely paralyzed after the high maintenance cost. Equipment failure should be in case of the main, to repair as a supplement. Through sound routine maintenance, the failure rate can be greatly reduced to ensure normal production.
  • Speed up the Upgrading of Feed Mill Equipment

Animal feed manufacturing company should actively adopt feed processing equipment and advanced feed manufacturing technology that can save energy and reduce consumption and lower operating costs, especially for those production lines and equipment that have been in operation and use for many years, with high energy consumption, low production efficiency and poor safety performance. Efforts should be made in technical transformation to reduce the comprehensive cost of the production process. (Read more about small feed mill equipment unit for farmers >>)

  • Control Raw Materials Loss

The feed raw material cost of feed production factory accounts for about 70-85% of the production cost. Whether the loss of raw material can be controlled at a reasonable level is an important indicator to measure the management level of a feed factory. Poultry / cattle feed plant need to strictly implement the weighing system and inventory system of raw materials and finished materials, so as to timely find and analyze the cause of abnormal loss every month (or every half a month). In addition, feed manufacturing plant should communicate with the feed formulation division constantly to know the processing performance of different raw material and processing cost. And when considering the formulation composition, the raw material cost and the raw materials’ performance should be taken into consideration.

  • Strengthen the Employee Training

The quality of staff also determines the cost and quality of feed manufacturing process. To this end, on the one hand, we should strengthen the training of employees in key technical positions, encourage them to carry out professional skill appraisal, and encourage them to participate in various training and learning. At the same time, we need to strengthen safety awareness management to reduce the occurrence of safety accidents. On the other hand, the cultivation of employees' loyalty to the enterprise should be strengthened, the career planning of employees should be well done, the enthusiasm, initiative and creativity of employees should be stimulated, and the process incentive measures for reasonable assessment of production costs of employees should be formulated.

  • Control Safety Cost

If the safety management consciousness of animal feed manufacturing business is not strong, the production site safety may have hidden trouble, which will lead to more safety accidents and high safety cost. Therefore, feed manufacturing companies must do a good job of fire safety, fire prevention, dust explosion prevention, equipment damage and prevent personal safety problems.