Feed Pellet Machine

Feed pellet machine is a kind of pelletizing mill which is specially manufactured for making animal feed pellets for cattle, ducks, chickens and other kind of poultry. This feed pellet machinery is manufactured based on ring die structure design. If you want to make medium to large scale fodder pellets, this ring die feed pellet machine is an ideal choice.

Feed Pellet Machine for Sale

animal feed pellet machine feed pellet making machine
BPM25 Feed Mill Machine

Technical Parameters

Model BPM25 BPM35 BPM42 BPM520
Capacity 1-2Ton/Hour 3-5Ton/Hour 6-10Ton/Hour 8-15Ton/Hour
Main Motor Power 22kw 30kw*2 55kw*2 75kw*2
Feeding Motor Power 0.75kw 0.75kw 0.75kw 0.75kw
Conditioner Motor Power 2.2kw 2.2kw 5.5kw 5.5kw
Diameter of Ring Die 250 350 420 520
Diameter of Final Feed Pellets 2-10mm 2-10mm 2-10mm 2-10mm

It is mainly composed by electrical control system, overload protection system, pelletize chamber, transmission system, pace plate and feeding device. The ring die and pellet roller are the key parts of the machine. When well-prepared materials are fed into the pelletize chamber, they will be pressed through the holes in the ring die under pressure. Then the formed pellets will be cut into uniform size and fall out automatically.

Details of the Feed Mill Machine

pelletize roller and die pelletizing assembly
Roller-die Gap Adjust System Pelletizing Assembly
paddle ring die
Paddles Inside Conditioner Alloyed Stainless Steel Ring Die

Suitable Raw Materials: This pellet machine can be used to process rice husk, grass, straw, soybean meal, chippings of corn and so on. Buy pellet machines for making wood pellets >>

Main Features of GEMCO Feed Pellet Making Machine

  • Feed tempering device is made from full stainless steel and utilizes frequency control to ensure high quality of animal feed pellets;
  • The ring die is made from excellent alloy steel and adopts advanced quick-release anchor ear;
  • Adopt imported steam automatic adjustment system;
  • Low noise & high efficiency. The rotational parts of our feed mill machine is equipped with high quality bearing;
  • Main transmission is based on double belt drive;

Compared with traditional fodder, feed pellets not only cost less but also make it easy to meet the nutrition of different animals.

GEMCO has more than ten years of experiences in feed pellet making equipment designing. Our machines are featured with high output, high efficiency and great pelleting performance. Buy a high quality pelletizing machine is the very first step of making great animal feed pellets. Welcome to contact us if you are interested in this equipment or want to know more details of feed pellet making process.