Grass Pellet Machine: Turning Napier Grass into Animal Feed

Elephant grass, also known as Napier grass or Sudangrass, is a tall perennial grass plant. It is mainly found in tropical and subtropical regions such as the Philippines, Mali, Nigeria, and Kenya. Elephant grass is widely used as livestock feed, biomass energy and soil protection. In this paper, I will focus on the use of elephant grass in feed applications and discuss how elephant grass pellets can be processed using grass pellet machines with the aim of providing useful information to those who are ready to invest in an elephant grass pellet production plan.

how to turn napier grass into animal feed and biofuel
Make Elephant Grass Pellets by Grass Pelletising Machines

Utilizing Napier Grass Feed: Nutritional Benefits and Versatile Applications

When producing elephant/napier grass feed, animal feed mill manufacturers need to explore the nutritional benefits of napier grass and its potential in animal feed production. The rich protein, fiber and vitamin content of napier grass provides balanced nutritional support for animals and is particularly suitable for ruminant feed production.

Unlocking Napier Grass Benefits to Animal Feed Manufacturing

To understand the benefits of elephant grass feed for animals, you must first figure out the nutrients in elephant grass.

  • Protein Content: Studies have shown that the protein content of napier grass usually ranges from 6%~10%.
  • Fiber Content: Napier grass is known for its high fiber content, especially its crude fiber content, which can range from 20%~30%. This characteristic makes it an ideal feed for ruminants.
  • Fat Content: Compared to other forages, napier grass has a relatively low crude fat content, usually between 1%~3%.
  • Energy Content: Napier grass has relatively low energy content. Studies have shown that its energy content ranges from 800~900 kcal/kg.
  • Vitamin Content: Common vitamins found in napier grass include Vitamin A and Vitamin C, which are typically found in amounts of 50 ~ 100 IU/kg and 20~ 40 mg/kg, respectively.
Low-cost raw material for elephant grass
Napier Grass Stick
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Dry Napier Grass

Napier Grass Feed Applications: Especially in Ruminant Feed Production

In the field of animal feed production, the versatility of napier grass has notable applications in a wide range of livestock species. Its uses range from livestock (cattle, sheep, pig, etc.) to poultry (chicken, duck, goose, etc.), demonstrating its adaptability and nutritional richness. Depending on the dietary requirements of different animals, the best feed production solutions can be obtained by adding napier grass to animal feed making formulations.

  • Cattle (cows and beef cattle): Napier is one of the main grass pellet feed for cattle. Cattle are ruminants and their stomach structure enables them to efficiently digest and utilize the fiber in cattle napier grass feed.
  • Sheep: Sheep are also ruminants and elephant grass is one of their daily feeds. Napier grass for goats can meet the need for a large number of fiber and crude protein.
  • Horses: Horses also usually consume napier grass feed as one of their feeds. Horse elephant grass feed provides enough fiber and energy to help maintain their strength and health.
  • Rabbits: Napier grass can be used as one of the rabbit feeds. However, it should be noted that napier grass usually needs to be mixed with other feed ingredients.
  • Poultry: Napier grass is mixed in the daily feed of chicken to increase the intake of fiber and help promote the health of their digestive system. (Link to Poultry Feed Pellet Mill>>)

Harnessing Napier Grass Pellet Machines: Starting Feed Production Plan

Grass pellet machines are a kind of equipment used to produce grass pellets, which is usually used in animal breeding and animal feed processing plant. Grass pellet making machines can process various kinds of grasses, such as corn stalks, rice straw, wheat straw, etc., into pellets. The grass pellet maker machine has the features of high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection, which can meet the needs of different scale napier grass pellet mills. Grass feed pellet machine is easy to operate, has low maintenance costs and is suitable for different kinds of grass processing, so it is favored by napier grass feed manufacturers.

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 Large Grass Feed Pellet Machine for Sale
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Small Homemade Grass Feed Mill for Sale
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Vehicle-mounted Mobile Animal Feed Machine Set

Animal Feed Processing Plant with Elephant Grass Raw Materials

Elephant/Napier grass feed mill is a production base specialized in making elephant grass as animal feed. Napier grass plant is usually equipped with elephant grass pelletizer machine, crusher, drying equipment, packaging machine and other equipment, which are used to produce high quality elephant grass pellet feed by crushing, pressing, drying and packaging of elephant grass. (Learn more about Cost of Animal Feed PLant>>)

  • Harvesting: Harvest napier grass at the optimum growth stage, making sure it is free of mould and disease.
  • Drying: Reduce the moisture of the elephant grass to 10-15%. Properly dried napier grass retains up to 90% of its nutritional value.
  • Crushing: Crushing napier grass into small pieces using a crusher can increase the density of the pellets by up to 30%.
  • Mixing (optional): Napier grass can be mixed with other feed ingredients to achieve uniform nutrient distribution.
  • Pelletizing: Use a grass pellet machine to compress napier grass into feed pellets.
  • Cooling: The pellets are cooled to room temperature to ensure pellet shape.

If you have more questions about the napier grass manufacturing process and machines, please directly contact us for a free consultation. ABC Machinery is an animal feed processing machine supplier with more than 20 years of experience. Our professional team has a wealth of expertise and technology in the field of animal feed manufacturing and is always ready to provide you with our services.

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Launching Biomass Fuel Production with Elephant Grass Pellet Machines

It can not only use elephant/napier grass as animal feed, but also as an important source of biomass energy. Napier grass pellets or napier grass briquettes can be used in fields such as household heating, power generation, biomass pyrolysis, or biomass gasification.

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Commercial Elephant Pellet Plant for Sale

Making pellets from grass requires the use of grass pellet machines. After pelletising grass, the napier grass pellets have a uniform shape and size, moderate density, and are easy to store and transport. Due to compression and heating during the pelletizing process, the combustion performance of elephant grass pellets has been improved, with high combustion efficiency and stable calorific value.

Biomass pellet production line and feed pellet production line have similarities in processing technology, pelletising technology, equipment selection, etc. ABC Machinery, as an expert in pelletising machines and production lines, not only provides you with feed production lines with good quality and low price, but also can provide you with high quality biomass pellet processing lines. Contact us below to start your way to profitability.