How to Make Best Formula for Making Cattle Feed in Feed Pellet Production Business?

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Business Plan: Best Formula for Making Cattle Feed Low Cost

Cattle feed recipes formulas are no doubt to be the key role of feeding cattle or cow on the farms. In the past days, we received some consolation about 'how to design recipes for cattle and cows', "how to make formula for making cattle feed" etc. Now, ABC Machinery is offering the cattle feeding customers who have purchased our cattle feed pellet machinery before, and cattle feed production investors the service of cattle feed making formulas with low cost. (Related article: animal feed production business plan>>)

How Do You Calculate Feed Ration in A Cattle Feed Formula Recipe?

Whether you process the cattle feed for your own cattle on your farm, or you start to invest in animal cattle feed production industry with making cattle feed pellets for sale, you need to know that different cattle growth stages decide the different feed types, so does the formula for making cattle feed. Here are the different cattle feed recipes for reference. For more information, you can contact us now! (Learn more: animal feed pellet machine suppliers>>)

  • Concentrated Feed Formula for Beef Cattle

General rationing method for concentrated feeds with low cost at home or on cattle farms: mineral feeds contain bone meal, salt, baking soda, trace (major) elements, vitamin boosters, and generally account for 3% to 5% of the concentrated feed volume. The increase in bone meal for breeding dairy cattle is about 2% of the concentrate feed volume, and 0.5% to 1% for shelf cattle. The increase in dietary salt in winter, spring and autumn accounts for 0.5% to 0.8% of the concentrate feed, and in summer the increase accounts for 1% to 1.2% of the concentrate feed. When using wine lees as a primary roughage, baking soda should be added at 1% of the concentrate. When feeding other roughage to cattle, the amount of concentrate feed can be increased by 0.3% to 0.5% in summer.

  • Pre-Mixed Feed Formulations for Cattle

During the rapid growth period, beef cattle have a higher-than-normal demand for various nutrients. In the preparation of beef cattle concentrates based on maize and soybean meal, various trace elements, vitamins and amino acids are reasonably added to promote the digestion of the feed and the synthesis of protein in beef cattle, making them fatten faster.

  • Recommended Recipes for Cattle Fattening Feed

Intensive captive beef cattle fattening feed formulas include concentrated feed formulas and roughage formulas, as well as the proportions of ingredients and feed additives specified according to body weight and production goals. Farmers can adjust feed rationing formulas to suit their situation and determine the amount to feed according to the condition of their beef cattle.

Take 400kg cattle fattening feed formula as an example:
1. Concentrated feed formula: 60-67% maize, 20-30% soya bean meal, cotton meal, 5-17% bran, 1% baking soda, 5% high quality beef premix, 0.02% high quality beef fattening additive, 0.2% stomachic type additive
2. Roughage formula design: feed 17 kg corn stalks for silage, 10 kg wine lees, 5 kg bean curd residue or 18 kg bean curd residue, 14 kg wheat grass or 12 kg bean curd residue, 20 kg corn stalks for silage per day

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how to start your own production line with best business plan

Making Cattle Feed Pellets in an Animal Feed Production Business

low cost cattle feed making project
Hot Sale Cattle Feed Pellet Processing Plant with Low Cost
(Left: small cattle feed plant for farmers, Right: large cattle feed making line for investment)

Cattle need proper nutritional feed to maintain good health, better beef and milk production. Some important cattle feed ingredients include corn, wheat, soybeans and other grains, and grains are primarily considered the best cattle feed because of their high nutrient content such as protein, minerals, vitamins, carbohydrates and fiber. Grains are primarily considered the best feed for cattle because of their high nutrient content such as protein, minerals, vitamins, carbohydrates and fiber. Typically, wheat is added digestible source of nutrients added to cattle feed ingredients to maintain proper digestion processes. (Read more: animal feed making machine price>>)

In addition to easy storage and low cost, the advantages of pelletizing include the following:
  • Protein, energy and minerals for optimal growth and feed conversion
  • Rapid weight gain and efficient feed conversion
  • Pellets are ready to eat; no additional labor is required to roll or mix the ration
  • Low dust: Reduced dust inhalation for a safer, healthier and more enjoyable workplace for both humans and cows.
  • A safer, healthier and more enjoyable workplace for both humans and cows.

Main Process in a Cattle Feed Pellets Processing Business Plant

  • Material selection: Choose materials and suitable additives that provide the different nutrients required by the animal. In addition, the amount of each material should be strictly based on your designed cattle feed formula.
  • Crushing: The material is crushed into a powdered material by means of a feed hammer mill.
  • Mixing: The crushed material is mixed well with a feed mixer.
  • Pelleting: In this step, material modulation and control of physical conditions are crucial to the quality of the pellets. Heat, time and quantity of water and steam are important factors for pelleting. The diameter of the feed pellet mill and the thickness of the die also affect the quality of the pellets, the relative hardness of the pellets and the output of the pellet mill.
  • Cooling: You don't really have to make your own pellet feed, small capacities can allow the pellets to cool naturally. But for relatively high productivity, a pellet cooler is very useful and can save farmers a lot of time.
ABC Machinery is one professional manufacturer and supplier offering cattle feed pellet making machines, providing complete solution for processing cattle, cow, poultry animal feed at a factory as a business plan. Welcome to contact us for the latest equipment price list and more information about low-cost formula for making cattle feed, we are always here for you!

how to start your own production line with best business plan