Pine Wood Pellet Manufacturing Equipment Shipped to Armenia

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Lately, a client from Armenia ordered a small set pf pine wood pellet manufacturing equipment from us. This is a ZLSP-R 200B electric pellet equipment for family use.

wood pellet manufacturing equipment for pine sawdust
Pellet Mill and Spare Parts

low cost mini pellet manufacturing machine for sale
Designed with Auto Lubricating System

ABC Machinery - The leading pellet making equipment manufacturer issues discounts, now to more affordable price! Many pellet mill owners are going to love this discount offer by us. GEMCO is the brand name of the Pellet mills produced by ABC Machinery. Our Equipment own top-notch quality, and most people are looking for one, especially with a brand that is surely trusted to be high quality, cost-efficient, and affordable for everyone. (Related Product: Build a Small Wood Pelleting Plant)

What Separates GEMCO Pellet Manufacturing Equipment from its Competitors?

  • GEMCO is known for producing high quality pellet making machine over the years and been the one of the top manufacturer. Our equipment are design to work on tougher materials such as 4Cr13 stainless steel, which factory-quality knives are made from, which are mass-produced in China. Being more durable than most of its counterparts, which is the grade 45, Carbon steel.
  • Since the manpower for the production of 4Cr13 stainless are produced and manufactured en masse in China, the workers are paid well for their outstanding performance. Moreover, operators in the factories are knowledgeable and well-versed in machinery as well as manual labor, which allow us to give a higher compensation than the other companies, and small labor shops that does the same thing. This kind of production allows us to give opportunities and create a large pool of jobs that will help us grow mutually.
Some companies offer higher prices for a low quality product that will only last for a few months of use. But with GEMCO, a brand that's been known for years of distinguished service, it's an offer that is hard to miss. Do you need a high quality wood pellet manufacturing equipment that offers years of satisfaction? Then GEMCO is your best choice!