How to Start Buisness with Wood Pellet Manufacturing Machine?

Pellets are nonspherical compressed organic matter. ln the case of wood pellets, they are made from industrial waste obtained from milling and the manufacturing waste of wood products in the furniture and construction industry. To make this sort of pellet you require a wood pellet manufacturing machine.

small wood pellet manufacturing plant

Starting a Small Wood Pellet Manufacturing Plant

With decades of pratical experience in wood pellet making industry, we have accumulated sufficient knowledge in producing premium wood pellet maufacturing machine and complete plant. Our company have our own technical team and high efficiency administrative system. So far, we have already exported complete wood pellet manfuacturing plant and various pellet processing equipment (both ring die unit and flat die unit) to over 50 countries and regions across the world. We are your forever supplier of pellet mill equipment.

Machines in The Small Granulation Unit

The following is HOT Sell Small Granulation Unit which connects crushing machine, drying machine, pellet press, wood pellet cooler and conveyors.

small wood pellet manufacturing process
Small Wood Pellet Manufacturing Machines

The manufacturing process of this smal wood pellet making plant involves a five-step process. This is broken down below:

  • Crushing: The first step of the process and the raw material, in our case wood, is broken down into appropriate pieces. The crusher is also referred to as a hammer mill. The size of the pellet is determined by the user but the standard sizes range from between 2 to 5 mm.
  • Drying: This is the second stage of the process and the intention is to reduce the moisture content of the wood to below 10% in the wood. An airflow dryer is used for this process.
  • Pelleting / Pellets Making; This is the third and most important part of this entire process. A flat die pellet press is the component of the system or the pellet plant that is used. This press can be powered by different types of engines-diesel, electric, gasoline etc. On the pellet, the bed is where the shape and form of the wood biofuel are formatted.
  • Cooling: This is the last step. One can elect to cool the pellets naturally or incorporate a cooler in the pellet plant. It goes without saying that the latter option escalates the costs of the process. The former option involves simply letting the pellets lie on the ground and cool off. These pellets could be as hot as 90 degrees Celsius when they emerge from the wood Pelleting machine so it is important that they are handled with precaution.

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FAQs on Wood Pellet Manufacturing Machine

wood pellet manufacturing machine - cheap price
Flat Die Pellet Manufacturing Machine for Processing Wood Wastes and Sawdust

wood pelleting machine produced pellets
Wood Pellets Made be Our Pellet Machine

  • What are the produced wood pellets used for?

The long and short answer to that question is that they are used as a biofuel. Apart from the fuel, they can be used as an absorbent or for horse bedding.

  • How do l store biomass pellets?

After wood pellets emerge from the wood pellet manufacturing machine they could be stored in a warehouse, a silo or even a bag. Whatever storage choice one elects to use, keep in mind that keeping away moisture from the pellets is of the utmost importance.

  • Does pellet fuel burning contribute to air pollution and Global Warming?

The answer to that question is marginal. Emissions of hazardous organic compounds from the burning of wood pellets are the relatively low comparison to other forms of combustion burning, whilst any adverse effects of climate change from pellet burning are yet to be noted in any major study.

If you are mulling over the idea of using wood pellet as a combustible source of energy, you need to look at the advantages that have been listed above and take the first step by acquiring a wood pellet manufacturing machine. ABC Machinery owns two brands -GEMCO and KMEC. We are one of the leading company in biomass pelletizing and briquetting machine. We are also experienced in deisiging industrial scale wood pellet lineYour investment need not be massive as we offer to set up and commission for you a small wood pellet plant that can quite easily fit into your backyard and be carted off into your garage. Contact us today.