ABC Machinery Is About to Make a Business Trip to Pakistan

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ABC Machinery business visit to Pakistan

ABC Machinery Is About to Make a 10 days' Business Trip to Pakistan from 25th September to 4th October, 2018. Besides, we will be attending the International Poultry Expo (IPEX 2018) which is being held in Lahore International Expo Centre on 27th to 29th September. Later on, in October, we will go to Karachi. If you live in Pakistan and have a keen interest in starting your own business on biomass pelletizing / briquetting , or animal feed production, feel free to talk to us face to face or contact us. We will be at your service!

Time in Pakistan: Sept. 25th ~ Oct.04
Our Hotel: Lahore Luxus Grand Hotel
Hotel Address: 4 Egerton Rd, Edgerton Rd, Lahore 54000, Pakistan
Hotel Tel: +92 331 3009030
Contacts: Winnie Wang, Max Zhao

Pakistan is among the outstanding countries in South Asia. With more efforts implemented to make it a financial free country, its stand to be among the largest economic giants in the world this 21 st century. Due to the recent relations between China and Pakistan, ABC machinery managed to create relations between local investors conquering the various fields that have proven to be more promising and profitable. This includes livestock and poultry feed processing equipment, biomass densification equipment, and complete services for turnkey project.

Pakistan field trip and market research

ABC Machinery has implemented means to upgrade its service delivery. This is one way to attract more business investors to choose our services. ABC Machinery has also moved an extra mile to enlighten local Pakistani on the services offered. This included the one on one interaction with potential customers to get the word out there.

Livestock & Poultry Feed Production in Pakistan

IPEX 2018 internatinal poultry expo
International Poultry Expo (IPEX 2018)

Exhibition: 2018 International Poultry Expo
Exhibition Date: September 27th ~ 29th, 2018
Booth No: Hall 3, 174D
Location: Lahore International Expo Centre, Abdul Haque Rd, Lahore, Pakistan

The Livestock sector is considered one of the most vibrant sector of Pakistan which is contributing exponentially towards the economy of Pakistan. One of the main purpose of this visit is to have a deep understanding of themajor industries like Poultry, Dairy and feed industries of Pakistan, so as to offer the best solutions for the clients of our feed processing machines. (Related Post: How to Start a Small Scale Chicken Feed Mill?)

Agricultural Waste & Biomass Energy Potential In Pakistan

Biomass pellet plant which can turn agricultural wastes and wood residues into biomass pellets is also a promissing project in Pakistan. Researching the local market of biomass energy is also the focus of this visit.

Pakistan agricultrual waste and biomass energy potential
Agricultural Waste & Biomass Energy for Making Wood Pellets

Pakistan is among the developing countries doing badly when it comes electricity production, despite the high demand. This is because Pakistan relies on fossil fuels to generate enough fuels to keep things running. Fossil fuels have their downsides which affect the surrounding environment, it is also expensive. In fact, renewable and sustainable biomass energy in Pakistan can generates 76% of all the electricity demand. Maize and wheat straw, rice husk, sugarcane are the main agricultural wastes that can generate 56% of Pakistan’s electricity. The remaining significant biomass resources were seed oils (Canola, Sunflower, Rapeseed , Mustard and Cottonseed) that could generate 8.2% of electricity. Banana trees that are widely spread in southern areas of Pakistan could produce 2.4% of electricity.