Get Your Own Customized Small Chicken Feed Mill

As a promising investment project, small chicken feed mill is getting more and more attention. In recent years, the order quantity of small feed mill unit had an obvious growth.

1 ton chicken feed mill equipment unit for small scale poultry feed factory
Small Feed Milling Plant designed with Flat Die Pellet Machine

2 ton animal feed milling plant for poultry and livestock
Livestock & Poultry Feed Milling Plant designed with Ring Die type Feed Pellet Machine

If you are planning to start a chicken feed mill of small scale, send us an email to tell us your needs and situation, then you can get a customized project plan with detailed equipment list and enjoy the factory price!

Chicken Feed Production Market

Many farmers and others are keeping a small flock of chicken in their home, for their own consumption and also supplemental income, as these chicken lay eggs and their meat can be consumed. Like all poultry, the chicken have to be fed properly so that they remain healthy, grow fast and lay eggs regularly. So it is important to ensure that the feed for the chicken contains all the nutrients which the birds require.

poultry feed market

The poultry chicken which are kept by farmers, home owners and others have their origins in the jungle fowl, which are found in South East Asia. In the wild, the jungle fowl will usually only lay a dozen eggs in a year, and these eggs are only laid in the specific breeding period. However to increase the number of eggs laid, extensive genetic selection and the right nutrition, has been used to develop chicken breeds which can lay up to 300 eggs in a year, with the eggs laid uniformly throughout the year. These specially developed egg laying chicken breeds are also laying eggs at a younger age, and the eggs are larger in size compared to their forefathers the fowl living in the jungles.

How to Make High Quality Chicken Feed?

Like other poultry, a balanced diet containing all the ingredients is necessary for the optimal growth of the chicken and production of eggs regularly. Complete chicken feed have all the ingredients in the right proportion as required for good health and growth. If the chicken in the coop are already getting balanced chicken feed, supplementing the feed could create health problems for the chicken. (Related Project: 10 ton per hour Poultry Feed Mill Equipment )

cheap chicken feed milling machine for making mash feed and pelleted feed
Make Feed Mash, Feed Crumbles and Feed Pellets for Chicken

The amount of feed which a chicken consumes in a day depends to a large extent on the ingredients used in the feed which forms the diet. Like most living beings, the chicken are also automatically adjusting the amount of feed which they consume, depending on the energy which they require for their daily activities. If the feed has calorie rich food ingredients producing energy, the amount of feed consumed will be less, and if low calorie ingredients are used, more feed will be consumed by the chicken. The temperature of the surrounding environment is another factor which affects the quantity of the feed which is being consumed by the flock. It is observed that during winter, as temperatures decline, the more feed is consumed to produce energy, regulate the temperature, while in summer, the feed consumption decreases as temperatures are higher. (Related Products: Equipments for Industrial Scale Feed Pellet Plant )

Common Mistakes of Fowl Feeding

There are many different types of chicken feed available which are labelled to indicate the age, type and breed of chicken who should consume the feed. Though these feed contain almost the same ingredients, the proportion of these ingredients may vary to some extent, depending on the chicken for whom the feed has been developed and precautions are to be taken to ensure that the feed is given to the right chicken.
Often those who are keeping a flock of chicken are making the following mistakes which can adversely affect the health and productivity of the chicken:
  • Providing a supplement mixture with electrolytes and vitamins for a period of more than ten days
  • Feeding grains like wheat, oats, corn to chicken, who are already eating the complete chicken feed
  • Foods which are low in nutrients like lettuce, green chops are used to supplement the diet
  • Not giving the right medicine to the chicken, or giving them medicine though it is not required.