17th CFO Conference: Fishmeal Used in Animal Feed Processing

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17th CFO Conference

ABC Machinery has participated in the 17th ChinaFeedOnline Conference ( CFP ) China Fishmeal / Animal Protein / Vegetable Protain three-in-one seminars to promote our fish feed making machines and complete fish feed plant.

The 17th CFO Conference had finished successfully in Shanghai, China (11-12 Sept, 2018). The core communication of this conference is Marine Industry and Animal Feed Industry. Our biggest gain is to learn more about customer needs.

2018 fishmeal processing conference
Consultation and Communication

  • Marine Industry - Fishmeal processing, fish oil extraction & refinery
  • Animal Feed Industry - Fish feed, livestock and poultry feed production

Application of Fishmeal for Feed Processing

floating fish feed making machine for small to medium scale production
Floating Fish Feed Making Machine for Sale
(left: wet type feed extruder, right: dry type extruder)
  • Aquatic Feed

Fishmeal is the main raw material of feed protein in aquaculture industry (fish, crabs and shrimps). Adding fishmeal can improve the growth rate of aquatic animals.

  • Livestock Feed

Swine feed and poultry feed bought need high content of protein, especially for piglet and chick. Since the cubs are in a period of vigorous growth the demand for protein and the proportion of amino acids in the protein are large, and fishmeal is the best choice.

  • Livestock Animal Feed

Livestock such as sheep, goat, alpaca and horse, the demand for protein in growth is large too, and high-quality fishmeal is also the first choice for these animal feed ingredients.

Global Market of Fishmeal Production

fishmeal production line
Fishmeal Processing Factory

Fishmeal is a high-protein feedstock produced from one or more fish that has been degreased, dehydrated, and pulverized. The world's fishmeal producers are mainly Peru, EU-27, Viet Nam, China, Chile, Thailand, United States, Norway and Japan, etc.

Rank Country Production (1000 MT)
1 Peru 950.00
2 EU-27 500.00
3 Viet Nam 470.00
4 China 450.00
5 Chile 360.00
6 Thailand 300.00
7 United States 254.00
8 Norway 220.00
9 Japan 185.00
  • China

China is the country with the largest demand for fishmeal. China produces about 700,000 tons of fishmeal per year, but it is still imported in large quantities due to the large demand. (Feed mill project: 40 ton/h Fish Feed Plant Design )

  • Japan

Japan's aquaculture industry is booming, producing about 24 million tons of feed per year. The annual demand for fishmeal is on average between 500,000 and 600,000 tons. The use of fishmeal is mainly in the aquaculture industry. Besides, there is also a large proportion used in fertilizer production. Japanese fishmeal is mainly imported, and the main import areas are concentrated in the south.

  • United States

Synthetic proteins are widely used in the United States, so it has little dependence on fishmeal. In recent years, fishmeal has been exported and used as pet food processing. (Related News:Small fish Feed Pellet Machines ordered by American Agent )


  • Chile

Chile is a major producer and exporter of fishmeal. In order to balance the domestic fishmeal price, a small amount of fishmeal has been imported from various countries since 1997. The general feed factory accounts for 20%, while 10% is self-mixed on the livestock farm.

  • Norway

The application of fishmeal in Norway is mainly in fish farming, especially for salmon and trout farming.

  • Germany

The fishmeal demand in Germany has been stable, with an annual production of about 150,000 tons. Fishmeal is mainly used in feed for weaned pigs.