40TPH Fish Feed Plant Repoart for Commerce

Project Name: Commercial Fish Feed Mill Project Report

Factory Capacity: 40 tons fish feed per hour (equal to 250,000 ton/year)

Main Feed Components: Fish powder, shrimp powder, soybean cake, etc.

Typical Production Process: 

For sinking fish feed: crushing, mixing, pelleting, cooling, packing etc.

For floating fish feed: crushing, mixing, extrusion, spraying, drying, cooling and packing etc.

Application: This feed plant is designed for processing fish feed pellets which are suitable for both fish-farming and fishing as bait. The final feed pellets can be used to feed squid, tilapia, herring, grass carp, carp, squid, and other meat-eating and omnivorous fish.

Sinking Fish Feed Manufacturing Plant Display

This is a commercial scale fish feed plant with the capacity of 40 ton/h. It is designed and built for making sinking type fish feed pellets. Here are some onsite construction photos of the project for your reference. Detailed information and project cost is available if you need. Just send an inquiry and you can get a quick answer as soon as possible. (Related article: poultry feed plant price in india>>)

fish feed bait processing plant for medium to large scale production
Finished Fish Feed Factory
fish feed plant for making fishing bait pellets
Fish Feed Plant Under Construction
how to start a complete fish feed plant project
Fish Feed Processing Equipment
electric carbinet of the fish feed production plant
Electric Carbinet
fish feed factory PLC control room
PLC Control Room
fishing bait pellets producing equipment
Final Fish Feed Pellets
( suitable for fish-farming and fishing bait)

Buy factory price fish feed plant from fish feed mills manufacturers or suppliers, learn to process fish feed, get FREE guidance to setup fish feed mill projects for business in Uganda, Fiji, Zambia, Uzbekistan, Nigeria, etc., at low cost. Welcome to contact us, we are offering you the best service!

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Floating Fish Feed Extrusion Line Display

Except the sinking fish feed, the other fish feed is floating fish feed which is processed through a different process including crushing, mixing, extrusion, drying, spraying, cooling and packing, which differ from the sinking fish feed production. Extrusion feed, produced by floating fish feed plant, has been paid more and more attention in recent years. 

Floating Fish Feed Extrusion Plant Flow
Floating Fish Feed Extrusion Plant Flow
Extrusion Line for Fish Feed Manufacturing
Extrusion Line for Fish Feed Manufacturing
Fish Feed Manufacturing Plant
Fish Feed Manufacturing Plant
Fish Feed Plant Project
Fish Feed Plant Project
Making Floating Fish Feed Pellets
Making Floating Fish Feed Pellets
Extrusion Floating Fish Feed Pellet
Extrusion Floating Fish Feed Pellet

Features of Fish Feed Extrusion Line

  • After high-temperature and high-pressure treatment in the fish feed extrusion line, the starch is gelatinized and the protein is stratified, thus the nutritional value of the feed is greatly improved. Besides, high temperature and high pressure has good sterilization effect, making the feed good in palatability and easy to digest.

  • The final manufactured extrusion feed is porous and has a small specific gravity. It can float on the water for a certain period of time without sinking. Water pollution is reduced as well as the feed loss. (Learn more: small scale feed mill equipment>>)

  • Extruded fish feed has low moisture content, generally 6%~9%, featured of good shape retention and can be stored for a long time. According to the experiment, the digestibility of fish can be increased by 10% to 35%.

  • The fish feed extrusion line is also suitavble making pet feed, such as, cat, dog etc..

Floating Fish Feed? Or Sinking Fish Feed?

Extruded feed
Pelleted feed
Bonding degree
Floating and sinking
Just sinking
Stability in water
Fines in aquafeeds
Nutriment digestibility
Processing cost
Equipment wear

The table above shows the performance comparison between floating feed and sinking feed,both of them can be processed through our fish feed plant, what you should do is to tell us your requirement, we will offer you the best service. Welcome to contact us for more information!

how to start your own production line with best business plan

How to Start A 40t/h Fish Feed Plant Project?

To start a fish feed mill factory as business successfully, you should know more about the process of making fish fed at first, then is the cost and machinery selection. (Read more:setting up an animal feed manufacturing company>>)

Customized Fish Feed Mills Project Report
Customized Fish Feed Mills Project Report

Fish Feed Produ​ction Process

As mentioned above, fish feed is divided into sinking and floating types. you should make sure which kind of fish feed you are going to produce. and the process can be customized according to your requirement. such as, liquid adding, curing etc.

Local Market Res​earch 

Whatever kind of business you plan to start, you should do market research, so does starting a fish feed plant. Making the research about how many people have fish feeding industry? How much is one bag of fish feed? And how many people have the fish feed plant in  your local place? And some other questions about starting fish feed production projects.  (Read more: poultry feed project report>>)

Cos​t Analysis

Cost of starting fish feed mill projects is affected by many factors, including factory building cost, raw material cost, machinery cost, energy consumption cost, labor cost etc., whether you decide to make 

Fsih Feed Processing Equipment Manufacturer Choosing 

When you decide to start a fish feed making plant, the related equipment is a large part of the whole production. Choosing a reliable fish feed making machinery manufacturer or supplier is very important. ABC Machinery has been engaged in this industry for over 20 years, possessing a professional R&D team and own manufacturing factory, able to offer you the best service of before-sale, on-sale and after-sale.

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Video of Fish Feed Manuafcturing Plant


Here is one video of our customzied fish feed manuafcturing plant which is from our client. If you want to build a fish feed manufacturig peoject for commerce, you can contact us for more information for free!