4 TPH Complete Wood Pellet Plant in Morocco

  • Raw Material for Pelleting: Wood chips, wood shavings, saw dust get in Morocco locally
  • Pelletizing Machine: BPM 508 Pellet Press
  • Output: 3.6-4.5 TPH (Ton per Hour)
  • Basic Pelletizing Process: Chipping, crushing, drying, sieving, pelletizing, cooling and packaging.
  • Related Equipment: Wood chipper, hammer mill, belt conveyor, storage silo, dryer machine, sieving machine, elevator, pellet press, pellets cooler and package machine.

complete wood pellet plant projects

Successful Project: Complete Wood  Pelletizing Production Plant

Features of This Pellet Plant Project

This wood pellet plant is designed with wet silo and dry silo. Dry silo is used to store the materials after drying to support sufficient materials for the smooth operation of the pellet press machine. Three cylinder drum dryer is also used instead of single cylinder dryer. Compared with single cylinder dryer, three cylinder types take smaller space with the same capacity, better meet customer requirements.

wood chipping equipment wood chipper for sale
Chipping Process (Wood Chipper for Sale)

hammer mill
Crushing Process (Hammer Mill)

wet silo dry silo
Wet Silo (left) & Dry Silo (right)

sieving machine pellets cooler machine packaging machine
Sieving Machine, Cooler, Packaging Machine (from left to right)

wood pellet press machine elevator
Ring Die Wood Pellet Press and Elevator

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions on wood pellet production or want to know more about this pelletizing project. We will be vey gland to help you!