A Look at Wood Pellet Machine Developing Trend

Wood pellet machine is one manufacturing equipment to make high density cylinders with the same size from the cheap forestry residues like sawdust, wood chips and shavings, branches, wood log, leaves etc. widely used for home use, commercial use, investment use. As it is designed and developed, wood pellet making machine has been manufactured gernation asn generation, meanwhile, it grains more and more favor of people.

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ABC Machinery is one professional manufacturing company supplying the factory price wood pellet milling machine for sale and the complete project of wood pellet production line, and the product has been shipped to America, Chile, Japan, South Korea, indonesia, Malaysia, Australia. 

Wood Pellet Making Machine Developing Trend

Wood pellet machines were once a rarity for many people. It was odd when there was a man who had a wood pellet furnace. People were not even aware of wood pellets being available to purchase and process,  the person with the wood pellet machine and wood furnace convinced others that they were easy and inexpensive to buy. gGradually, as the society develops, wood pellets has more and more popular with its unique highlights:


  • Wood pellets can be processed from various raw materials, like wood chips, wood shavings, sawdust, branches, wood logs, leves, furniture waste etc. which are renewable. 
  • High density wood pellets with the same size are easy to manage, transport and store, reducing production cost.
  • Easy to burn, and no harmful gas is produced to the air during the combustion.

High wood pellets demand has pushed the wood pellet making machine industry forward, driven by a number of forces. Wood pellet machines have now evolved into smaller machines primarily for home use, as well as larger, industrial style machines providing retail outlets with the eco-friendly fuel supply. 


  • First, of course, technology marches on - each new generation of wood pellet machines offers advancements in nearly every way - of course faster, less expensive, and generally better. Due to improved design, there is now less wear & tear on the internal dies, which are also much easier to clean and service and/or replace along with any other internal parts. 
  • Next, Wood pellet machines are now able to use a wider variety of raw materials. On the small wood pellet mill for home use, we have better viewing ports to monitor and catch any production problems. And for the complete wood pellet production project, auto or semi-automatic bagging systems are used to keep the wood pellets safe and dry, and are becoming widespread in use. 
  • More and more knowledge on how to use binders for proper pellet finish is being accumulated, along with specific pitfalls to avoid due to possible toxicity in pellets made from certain sources.
  • What's more, legislation against fossil fuels in favor of renewable energy has driven extensive use of wood pellet machines. Large, industrial wood pellet machines now fuel power generation plants that produce more energy ( and much more consistently ) than existing wind farms in some countries. Not surprisingly, these new laws have also radically popularized wood pellet furnaces for home use, which of course creates a popular trend for home consumers to purchase and operate their own personal wood pellet machines.

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Hot Sale Wood Pellet Machines to Setup Wood Pellet Production Projects

ABC Machinery is one professional manufacturer and supplier in the wood pellet making machinery manufacturing industry, possessing nearly 20 years of experience in manufacturing homemade wood pellet mills and designing wood pellet production business plans for investment use. Here are some successful wood pelleting machines setup around the world. 

Wood Pellet Manufacturing Plant Project location
6ton/h Wood Pellet Processing Equipment Indonesia
5TPH Wood Pellet Processing Machine Line Vietnam
3 TPH Wood Pellet Production Machine Line Malaysia
2TPH Wood Pellet Equipment Australia
2TPH Giant King Grass Biofuel Pellet Machine Philippine
1TPH Wood Pellet Production System Establishment UK

Video of Wood Pellet Machine Working Site

The video above is sent from one of our customers who has purchased our sawdust pellet making machine, and this is the working site. If you have any idea of making wood pellets from renewable raw materials, you can contact us for more information now!

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