Setup a Small Scale Wood Pelleting Press Plant With a Suitable Process Flow

Nowadays, small wood pellet press is a hot sale type wood pellet making machine in multiple industries around the world with its own advantages of small size, low cost etc. More and more farmers, startups and investors start to buy the small wood pellet press to get extra profits. If you have any plans to build a small scale wood pellet press line, please contact us now!

Small Scale Wood Pelleting Press Machine Process Flow

There is a complete process for manufacturing wood pellets: crushing, mixing, drying, pelletizing, cooling. sieving, weighing and packing. But for the small pellet machine for sale, the wood pellet manufacturing process is not quite the same. Because generally small wood pellet production is in backyard, farm, small workshop, there is no need to use the complete process. 

Small-scale Wood Pellet Production Line for Sale
Small Scale Wood Pellet Production Line Flow Chart

Among them, the wood chipper, cooling machine and packing machine are not necessary to be equipped, but can be added according to your actual situation. The process flow in a small scale wood pellet making press plant is followed:

  • Crushing: The pelletization of pellets requires an essential first step: which is a crushing system,and the size had better be less than 3mm. 
  • Drying: Raw materials for making wood pellets may contain a significant amount of water, neither too high nor too low moisture can produce good quality wood pellets, which is vital to adjust the moisture content of the raw materials.
  • Wood Pelletizing Processing: This is the component of a small wood pellet production that is the most vital. lt is utilized in the process of forming solid pellets from loose raw materials. The capacity of the pellet mill is the primary aspect that determines the overall output of a wood pellet business. 

To setup small wood pellet press plant at Low Investment Capitals, build your own wood pellet making machine factory with suitable wood pellet pressing process flow in Malaysia, Italy, Australia, Japan, Chile, Indonesia, South Korea, Sri Lanka, America etc. Contact us to get more details about small wood pellet pressing process flow prices!


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Factory Price Small Wood Pellet Press on Hot Sale

As one professional manufacturer and supplier of small wood pellet press machine, we designed and developed our product based on the requirements of our customers, we have different types of small scale wood pellet press plant for sale with low cost:

  • Crushing machine and small wood pellet machine
  • Crushing machine, drying machine and small pellet press
  • Crushing machine, drying machine, mixing machine and small pelleting machine
  • Crushing machine, drying machine, mixing machine, small scale pellet machine and cooling machine
  • Crushing machine, drying machine, mixing machine, small scale pellet machine, cooling machine and weighing and packing machine.

NOTE: These combinations of wood pellet processing equipment are mainly to meet the requirements of the customers who would like to make wood pellets in their backyard, farms, small workshops etc. If you have a business plan in the wood pellet manufacturing industry, a large scale wood pellet plant with complete wood pellet process flow is suitable for you. we can customize the process flow of small scale wood pellet production for you based on our requirements and conditions.

Video of 1-2TPH Small Scale Wood Pellet Press Working

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