Easy Way To Make Wood Pellets From Sawdust

Have you ever thought about making the loose sawdust into a useful sawdust pellet? Do you know how to make wood pellets from sawdust? Here is a quick way to process sawdust into wood pellets.

make wood pellet from sawdust

ABC Machinery is one reliable sawdust pellet making equipment manufacturer and supplier, having been engaging in this industry for nearly 20 years, offering the customers high quality sawdust pellet machines for sale to make wood pellets from sawdust and providing the guidance to setup sawdust wood pellet business plan. Welcome to contact us for more information about sawdust pellet making machine.

What Is The Sawdust Pellet Used For?

Sawdust is a kind of trimmings, commonly found in the wood processing industry, like furniture factory, wood log production plants. The general form is powder, and in some furniture factories there are also chip shapes. All of these types of wood residues can be processed into pellets with different sizes by the sawdust pellet machine, and the finally proceduced sawdust pellets have wide applications. (Read more: machine to make wood pellets>>)

different size wood pellets from sawdust
Different Size Wood Pellets From Sawdust

  • Civil Heating and Living Energy: high utilization rate and convenient storage.
  • Biomass Industrial Boiler: as the main fuel of industrial boilers, replace coal burning and solve environmental pollution.
  • Power Generation: wood chip pellets can be used as fuel for thermal power generation with high efficiency and low cost.
  • Animal Bedding: used as horse bedding, cattle bedding, cat litter etc., so that it absorbs odor and animal urine, leaving the stable clean and tidy.

Then how to make wood pellets from sawdust? Is it complex? the answer is a NO, now let's continue to read.

how to start your own production line with best business plan

How To Make Wood Pellets From Sawdust?

The general process to make wood pellets from sawdust is not flexible, but due to the different conditions and requirements, we designed and developed the special processes for our customers. 

For Individual Use

If you only have a limited amount of sawdust, or if you want to produce sawdust pellets in your own backyard, then one sawdust pellet machine for sale can complete. Choose the one suitable sawdust pellet making machine based on your actual condition. For making wood pellets from sawdust, if the moisture of your sawdust is too high, you can put it in a ventilated place to dry; if the moisture is too low, you can add some water appropriately. Then put the sawdust with the right moisture into the pellet mill, and you can produce wood chips pellets. sawdust pellet plant for individual use

Sawdust Pellet Plant For Individual Use

Also, we offer small scale wood pellet plant for sawdust used for individual use. If you have interst, please coantact us freely!

For Commercial Use

In order to realize the commercial purposes, high quality wood pellets need to be processed for sale, which requires a more complete production process and more equipment. (Related article:biomass pellet machine price>>)

wood pellets line for commercial use
Sawdust Pellet Plant For Individual Use

The general process includes drying, pelletizing, cooling and packaging. At the same time, depending on the commercial requirements, the number of processes and machines for each process can be increased or decreased. (Related article: making pellets from leaves>>)

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Learning how to make wood pellets from sawdust with sawdust pellet mills projects in The Czech Republic, Guatemala, South Korea, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, etc., at low cost by sawdust pellet making machine manufacturer or supplier at factory price. Welcome to contact us for more information about make wood pellets fromsawdust.