Feasility Analysis to Make the Compost Fertilizer

Any plant matter that is left to its own devices will eventually decay. Composting is just one way to control the natural process. When you use the compost fertilizer making equipment to make the wastes into fertilizer pellets, you can make nutrient-rich fertilizer for your crops, plants and other landscaping projects  with low cost.

making waste into compost fertilizer

ABC Machinery has been in the pellet manufacturing equipment industry for almost two decades. The compost fertilizer pellet making machine is our recently upgraded pellet processing machine, which is specially used for making fertilizer pellets. Welcome you to ask for price list.

Why Start to Make Compost Fertilizer? 

Many people know making compost fertilizer is good, but not everyone knows why composted fertilizer is so good. In fact, making compost has many advantages for our daily life.

  • Wide Raw Materials to Make Compost Fertilizer

Here are the raw materials to make fertilizer, you can see there are many useful materials around our life. Making these waste into useful fertilizer not only solves the waste dealing problem, but also can get profits from fertilizer production.

Raw Materials Examples
Paper product Office paper, newspaper, cardboard and toilet paper rolls
Woody waste Wood chips, sawdust
Kitchen waste Fruit and vegetable peels, coffee grounds, tea bags (staples removed), nut shells and crushed eggshells
Animal waste Manure of chicken, cow, horse and rabbit etc.
  • Compared with chemical fertilizer, the fermented fertilizer has richer nutrition that the plants need.
  • Making compost is easy, you can make compost fertilizer in your back garden easily.

Making compost fertilizer for farm use with compost fertilizer making machine plant projects in Ghana, Zambia , Kenya , Uganda , Mali , etc., at low cost by compost fertilizer making machinery manufacturer or supplier at factory price. Welcome to contact us for more information about making compost fertilizer pellets.

How Do You Make Compost Fertilizer?

Generally speaking, compost fertilizer production is to compost the waste raw materials together to let them start ferment naturally. But, different applications ask different processes, especially in this era which requires less cost and high return.

compost fertilizer processing machine

Compost Fertilizer Processing Machine for Sale

With the development and progress of science and technology, a composting equipment was invented called compost fertilizer pellet making equipment, with this equipment, it is easy to process those raw materials into useful fertilizer at low cost.

complet composting fertilizer making plant

Complet Composting Fertilizer Making Plant Flow Chart

Complete Fertilizer Production Process 

  • The first step of composting with fertilizer pellets processing equipment is to control the moisture of the raw material, especially when the raw material is food waste, you need to use water squeezing equipment, which can quickly reduce the moisture to the most appropriate level for making fertilizer pellets, in preparation for making fertilizer pellets afterwards.
  • The second step is fermentation, which is one important process of making compost fertilizer. When the dewatered raw materials enter the fermentation tank, under the sealing space, the multiple raw materials will be made into the black, friable substance. 
  • By the point above in the fertilizer production process, the compost pile is almost done. Now is to use the pellet production equipment to make pellets of the same size and shape from the loosely fermented raw materials, which can extend the shelf life. Also, if you make fertilizer for sale, it costs more.

We will make the most suitable compost fertilizer production equipment for your business plan based on your actual condition and requirements. Welcome to contact us for more information.