Cattle Feed Pellets: Profitable Business Plan

A cattle feed pellet is a compressed animal feed pellet processed by animal feed pellet making equipment from mixed raw materials such as corn, soybeans, minerals, vitamins and other necessary elements. These feed pellets production costs less but offers more nutrition for cattle, and is widely used in animal farms, cattle farms etc. (Related article: poultry feed making machine project plan>>)

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Buying cattle feed pellets making equipment from ABC Machinery—a professional animal feed pellet making machine manufacturer and supplier, to setup low cost complete cattle feed pellet making plant for starting cattle pellet feed production business in America, Australia, Chile, South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, Morocco etc.

Guide to Start Cattle Pellet Feed Making in A Business Factory

The global cattle feed pellet market is growing very quickly and is one of the fastest growing food markets. Many factories and companies in the animal feed production industry are expanding their pellet feed production capacity to serve this rapidly growing customer base. Here is the guidance to make cattle feed pellets for your business plan. (Related article: animal feed pellet production line startup cost>>)

sucessful cattle feed making plant for business
Sucessful Cattle Feed Making Plant for Business

Determine the Cattle Feed Market Potential of Your Chosen Location

What Types of livestock does the current market supply? What Types of animal feed do you believe will be needed in the future? Using the market research information above. identify the primary markets and customers that are most likely to buy cattle feed pellets. Identify who these customers are and make a list of their contact information. Prospect them directly or announce them at popular farmer's shows in your local area. Provide samples of your product if they wish to try it on their animals before they buy it. (Read more: poultry feed project report>>)

Determine the Cattle Pellet Business Starting Cost

Determine the start-up costs and find suppliers who can save you money on startup costs while maintaining quality: this includes the cost for the milling equipment as well as the investment cost that will go into starting the cattle pellet business. You will also need to determine and estimate the costs to operate the business on a monthly basis: Monthly direct costs include feed ingredients and packaging. Additional direct costs will include labor, utilities and taxes. (Read more: animal food processing machine>>)

how to start your own production line with best business plan

List All the Equipment to Begin Pelletizing Cattle Feed

To produce cattle feed pellets successfully, you will need a series of feed pellet making machines, and you can sleect the necessary machines based on your requirements and condition. (Related article: animal feed manufacturing process>>)

equipemnt for cattle feed production
Equipment to Start Cattle Feed Production
  • A hammer mill is to crush the raw materials into small sizes to meet the requirement of a cattle feed making machine.
  • Dryer machine is to dry the raw materials
  • Mixer is to mix multiple raw materials evenly
  • Animal feed pellet machine is to pelletizing the loose raw materials into high density cattle pellet feed
  • Cooling machine is to reduce the temperature of the freshly processed cattle feed
  • Packing machine is to weigh and bag the cooled cattle feed pellets into bags for sale

Buy Hot Sale Cattle Pellet Feed Making Equipment from ABC Machinery

Choosing one reliable and cost-effective cattle feed pelletizing machine company is important to build a cattle feed production factory. When you start to make the business plan, you should consider many matters like equipment quality, strength of manufacturing cattle pellet making machine and after-sale service etc. ABC Machinery is one professional manufacturing company, which has its own factory and R&D team, offering factory price equipment and professional service. (Related article: poultry feed manufacturing process flow chart>>)

Video of Cuatomzied Cattle Feed Making Plant

Here is the video of one successful cattle feed making plant working. If you have plans to start a business of making cattle feed pellets, please contact us now!

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