How to Make Wood Chips Pellets at Home?

Wood pellets are a renewable and sustainable form of fuel made by compressing sawdust, wood chips, and other wood waste materials into small, cylindrical shapes. They are used as a source of heat for homes, commercial buildings, and industrial processes. Here is to tell you how to make wood pellets from wood chips for home or commcial use easily.

how to make wood pellets from wood chips with a wood pellet machine
Making Wood Chips for Home and  Business Use

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Tips to Make High Quality Wood Pellets from Wood Chips Easily

The production of wood pellets involves several steps. First, the raw material (usually wood chips) must be prepared by drying it to the appropriate moisture level and grinding it to the desired size. The wood chips are then fed into a wood pellet machine where they are compressed and heated to create the pellets. The pellets are then cooled and screened for any defects before being stored in a dry, cool place. (Read more: wood pellet machine price>>)

wood chips pellets production process flow
Complete Wood Chips Pellets Production Process Flow 

However, for different use, the wood chips pellets production processes are no very the same, mainly includes DIY wood pellets making at home and making wood pellets from wood chips for commercial use. Here is the difference for reference. If you have any other question about how to make wood pellets from wood chips, you can contact us for free.

DIY Making Wood Chips Pellets with Wood Pellet Mill at Home

If you have adequate wood chips, making wood chips pellets is an efficient way to reduce your daily cost in fuel. All you need is a hammer mill, a wood pellet mill, and some basic tools to get started. The produced wood chips pellets can be used directly in the fireplace later. (Related article: how much does a wood pellet mill cost>>)

  • First, collect dry wood chips together or the sawdust. Run the hammer mill through a wood chipper to create uniform-sized pieces. 
  • Then, use a wood pellet mill to compress the wood chips into uniform-size pellets. 
  • After the wood pellets are processed from the wood pellet machine, you can store the wood pellets in a dry and ventilated place to avoid the potential moisture.

From wood chips to pellets, it's that easy. If you have any question for wood pellet machine for home use, you can contact us for more details.

how to start your own production line with best business plan

Process Wood Pellets from Wood Chips for Buisness

Wood pellets produced from wood chips, as a renewable source of energy, have gained popularity in recent years. In commercial production, wood pellets are made to use in enterprise heating, large fuel production factory, boilers and power generation factory. (Related article: wood pellet plant cost>>)

wood chips making plant for commercial use
Complete Wood Chips Making Plant for Commercial Use

Wood pellets for commercial use have high requirements in terms of quality and output, so in the commercial-use wood chips pellets production process, more related machinery needs to be used than in the DIY wood pellets from wood chips. The following is a typical wood pellet manufacturing process, which can be used as a reference. The specific production process needs to be made according to your raw materials. (Read more: wood pellet project construction setup>>)

  • First of all, the requirements for high-quality raw materials should be strictly obeyed. It should be in the right moisture content (12%-15%) and size (less than 3mm), and the rocks and stones should be removed to avoid destroying the wood pellet machines.

Note: if the wood chips size is not right, the wood chipper and hammer mill should be equipped to reduce the size; if the moisture content is higher than the standard, the drying machine should be equipped to reduce the moisture content.

  • When the wood chips are ready, enter them into the wood pellet making machine. Under the high temperature and pressure, the loose wood chips will be pressed in to high density cylinders with the inform height and diameters. 
  • The fresh wood chips pellets are in high temperature, so that it should be conveyed to the cooling machine for reducing the temperature quickly. 
  • The cooled wood pellets will be directly conveyed to the packing machine to pack the wood pellets into the bags with the same weights. And a better way to ensure the wood pellets meet the standards is to label at the same time of weighing, which is easy for clients to choose the proper one.

Whether for self-use or commercial use, it is important to follow best practices throughout the production process to ensure a high-quality product that meets the industry standards and customer expectations. Welcome to confact us for more information about making wood pellets from wood chips or setting up wood pellets production plants in Janpan, Korea, Indonesia, Thailand, Italy, Chile, Russia, Australia etc.