How to Adjust the Moisture Content When Processing Wood Pellet?

Temperature control is very important in biomass pelleting process. When processing dry materials, the temperature can be set at 200 degrees when power-on. When feeding biomass materials, the temperature can slightly drop 20 degrees. Then what will be the consequences if the temperature is too high and how to solve the problem? Let’s talk about it next!

What can cause over temperature?

  • wood pellet millTemperature of climate or working environment is too high.
  • The tank volume of biomass pellet machine and the capacity of cooling device are too small. There is not enough cooling area.
  • Choose quantitative oil supply system according to the speed of fast forward. This work will have most of the traffic restrictions in the high pressure and heat discharge from the relief valve.
  • The space of spare parts is too small or over wear making the gap too large. A number of internal and external leakages, cause capacity loss, such as the decrease of the volumetric efficiency of the pump and rapid temperature rise.

Pelleting Solution

  • Inspect and adjust the pressure of pellet machine safety valve and make it right.
  • Choose hydraulic oil or oil viscosity, especially when your condition permits, so that to reduce friction loss as far as possible.
  • Improve the lubrication condition of moving particles in biomass pellet machines, so that to reduce the friction loss, workload and reduce fever. Increase cooling device if necessary.
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