How to Benefit from Starting Biomass Pellet Manufacturing Business?

Have you seen how popular wood pellet mills have become? We don't know when, but we have seen many farmers, investors want to make profit from it. How to profit from biomass pellet milling or biomass pellets mills? Today we'll discover the truth, then we'll see how to generate money starting biomass pellet manufacturing business.

benefit from biomass pellet manufacturing business

Biomass energy has just become the major current market. Wood pellets are a major source of biofuel. And many nations, including Denmark, Germany, Belgium, the USA, Japan and China, have industrialized pellet manufacture.  ABC Machinery is one professional and reliable manufacturer and supplier for offering biomass pellet manufacturing equipment and complete biomass pellets production line. Welcome to contact us for more information.

How to Manufacture Pellets from Biomass Raw Materials?

During the production line of biomass pellet manufacturing, raw materials with different particle sizes are crushed into a size of less than 3mm by the crusher, and then enter the silo and evenly enter the hot sale biomass pellet making machine through the conveying machine. The biomass pellets are pressed by the small biomass pellet press and enter the cooling screen. After the pellets are sieved and cooled, they can be packaged into bags for sale. (Related article: how to make wood pellets>>)

typical biomass pellet making plant
Typical Biomass Pellet Making Plant at Factory Price

Based on the actual condition and the requirements of the clients, we are offering the service of customizing the biomass pellet manufacturing process and equipment, factory layout design, project equipemnt configuration and business plan design etc. If you have an idea of starting a biomass pelletizing business or investing in the biomass pellet making industry, please contact us for more information.

how to start your own production line with best business plan

3 Tips to Make Money Starting Biomass Pellet Manufacturing Business

As with any endeavor, the expereniced investors or startups to the biomass pellet processing business should do their homework before investing in wood pellet mills. What issues must be addressed before investing in manufacturing biomass pellets?  (Related article: wood pellet machine uk>>)

  • Raw Material for Manufacturing Biomass Pellets

The raw materials price used for biomass pellet manufacturing is cheap. Crop stalks, leaves, wood shavings, grass, saw dust and other flammable biomass are readily available, and they are also regenerative. Meanwhile, if you are farmers, you can produce biomass pellets from leftover agricultural wastes and enhance their revenue by using a biomass wood pellet mill, so as to tackle the agricultural stalk problem and protect the environment.  (Read more: making pellets from leaves >>)

raw materials for biomass pellet making
Cheap Raw Materials for Starting Biomass Pellet Making Businss

NOTE: If you are not sure that your raw material can be manufactured into biomass pellets, you can send us the raw materials, our technicians can make a test for you. Contact us for more details! (Related article: sawdust pellet machine for sale>>)

  • Wood Pellet Making Machine Selection

Buying equipment involves two steps: choosing a wood pellet machine and choosing biomass pellet machine manufacturers.

Choosing a wood pellet mill: The choice of wood pellet machine should be based on usage and scale. Tiny pellet mills or small wood pellet machine plants might be selected for small and medium-sized enterprises. Choose a transportable pellet factory for maximum automation. Purchase of the entire wood pellet plant is advised for large industries.

Manufacturers or suppliers of biomass pellet machines: When choosing a wood pellet machine manufacturer or brand. Pay more attention to the equipment quality, pre- and post-sales service and trustworthiness. etc. Currently, GEMCO, CPM, and ANDRITZ are the most popular brands.

  • Biomass Pellet Manufacturing Cost 

In manufacturing biomass pellets, the production cost is one important factor that should be considered. And the biomass pellet processing equipment accounts for the most, and the wood pellet machine price ultimately depends on your production scale. The fact is that the larger the output, the higher the equipment price. The following is the refenced price list for our hot sale biomass pellet making plants.

Biomass Pellet Production Factory Scale Referenced Cost ($)
2TPH 7-15
5TPH 15-30
10TPH 35-100

In addition to the equipment cost and the energy consumption cost needed in the manufacturing, the entire production cost also includes labor cost, operation cost, equipment maintenance cost, spare parts cost, etc.

The tips above are summarized by our technical team. If you have any other ideas, you can contact us for more details about making wood pellets for profit or biomass pellet making equipment price list. We are always here to help you for your starting manufacturing biomass raw materials into pellet fuels, come and contact us now!

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