How to Make Fuel Pellets from Acacia Sawdust Wastes?

Wattle, whistling thorn, or thorn tree is also called acacia. It remains a plant that is predominantly grown in Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, and Vietnam. In mentioned regions, acacia is often used by people as wood to make furniture and other reasons. With this process, you will discover sufficient release of sawdust from the use of acacia as wood. Making wood pellets with the use of acacia sawdust is a business opportunity to some Vietnam investors in the exterior part of the country. On this note, the fuel pellet manufacturing business in Vietnam remains a great opportunity for investors. Is your quest for how to make fuel pellets from acacia wood? Reading through this content will help you understand the manufacturing process of acacia pellets.

acacia sawdust
Acacia Sawdust

How toTurn Acacia Sawdust into Fuel Pellets?

The Basic Procedure Of Making Wood Pellet From Acacia:

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Fuel Pellets Manufacturing Process from Acacia Sawdust

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  • The first step that is needed to get started remains drying the acacia sawdust. This is because the substance called acacia sawdust comes with high-level of moisture. For you to get started with this procedure effectively, it is important to have a rotary drum dryer and a conveyor. Our dryer is a great product that helps to dry acacia sawdust up to below eighteen percent. This implies that you will get the best forming rate and make an excellent wood pallet with the help of this dryer. 
  • The acacia sawdust is moved into the ring die pellet mill after the drying process. It is expedient to mention that our professionals know the actual compression ratio of the acacia pelletizing process. This implies that the sawdust will be converted into classic wood pellets by the production machine. 
  • At this juncture, it is important to use the cooler to make the pellets cool. The pellets can be sieved by the cooler. This will enable powder and low-quality pellets to be reproduced and collected.
  • Packing is the last stage if your intention remains to market the designed pellets. 

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Packing and Loading of Acacia Sawdust Pellet Mill

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