Start Organic Fertilizer Production in Sri Lanka

It is reported that Sri Lanka had announced in 2021 to completely ban the use of chemical fertilizers and fully promote the production of organic fertilizers, but the final results were not good, resulting in the failure of this plan. This incident tells us that organic fertilizer production is vigorously promoted in the world and at the same time also faces great challenges. (Related article: how to make organic fertilizer>>)

organic fertilizer production in sri lanka

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From Chemical Fertilizer to Organic Fertilizer

Chemical fertilizers are inorganic fertilizers made by chemical or physical methods. According to scientific research, long-term application of chemical fertilizers can easily lead to an increase in heavy metals and toxic elements in the soil, which will eventually cause harm to crops growth. (Related article: organic fertilizer making possiblity>>)

starting organic fertilizer pellets
Starting Organic Fertilizer Pellets Production

Differently, organic fertilizer generally refers to manure and residues of plants and animals, grass ash and cake manure, as well as plant compost, green manure, and organic fertilizers and some microbial fertilizers that have been certified organic. With the organic fertilizer for a long time, the plants will grow better without harmful matter. For more information about making organic fertilizer, please contact us!

how to start your own production line with best business plan

Start Organic Fertilizer Production in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has failed in the full-scale implementation of organic fertilizer use, but this is not the end of the use of organic fertilizer, but the beginning of our face and pay attention to "organic agriculture". Thus, In Sri Lanka, organic fertilizer is still one kind of fertilizer that is worth using and the organic fertilizer production industry is still worth investing in.

organic fertilizer demand areas in sri lanka
Organic Fertilizer Demand Areas in Sri Lanka

Making organic fertilizer pellets from animal manure in Sri Lanka not only saves the cost of handling animal manure, but also makes a low cost organic fertilizer that promotes the improvement of land quality, provides more comprehensive nutrients to crops, and ultimately increases crop yields. So, it is profitable to invest in the organic fertilizer production industry.

Factory Price Organic Fertilizer Making Equipment for Investment

Generally speaking, organic fertilizer production is divided into three parts: dewatering, fermentation and peleltozation. According to the budgetary or production needs, you can add other auxiliary equipment such as cooling machines, packers, etc. (Related article: organic fertilizer plant process>>)

low cost organic fertilizer pellet production line
Low Cost Organic Fertilizer Pellet Production Line

  • The role of a water squeezer is mainly to remove the water in the manure, such as making chicken manure organic fertilizer, chicken manure has a high water content, and then can be better fermented.
  • Organic fertilizer fermenter uses the decomposition of microorganisms in nature, after aerobic fermentation, organic solid waste will be processed into bio-organic fertilizer that can be used for crops after microbial fermentation, deodorization and maturation.
  • The granulation process is to make the loose animal manure into granules of the same size and density, which helps in later use as well as storage.

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