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Organic Fertilizer Plant Overview

Organic fertilizer plant, also called as organic fertilizer production line, is our newly developed equipment using a series of equipment to make the agriculture waste, livestock or poultry manure, industrial wastes and household waste into useful fertilizer used in your garden, farm and produce bulks for sale. 

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Organic Manure Fertilizer Pellet Production Flow

Raw Materials for Organic Fertilizer Making Plant 

Raw Materials Type Details
Livestock manure chicken , duck, birds manure etc.
Poultry manure pig, cattle, sheep, horse manure etc.
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How to Make Fertilizer with An Organic Fertilizer Plant?

The common processes of producing organic fertilizer from livestock and poultry manure are: pig manure organic fertilizer production line, chicken manure organic fertilizer production line, sheep manure organic fertilizer production line and cow manure organic fertilizer production line. Here is talk about the typical organic fertilizer production processes. 

Starting Organic Fertilizer Plant Business

Equipment for Starting Organic Fertilizer Plant Business

  • Raw Materials Collection

Chicken manure, pig manure, cow manure, biogas residue and other types of animal manure or raw materials that can be fermented with fertilizing effect are equipped in a certain proportion. Also you can process single  chicken manure fertilizer, cow dung manure fertilizer, or pig manure fertilizer etc..

  • Dewatering Process

due to the high moisture content of manure, before making them into pellets, they must be dewatered to make the moisture proper. In this process, a dewatering machine can help to decrease the water easily.

  • Fermentation Process

After dewatering, it is fermented. The manure is converted into odorless organic fertilizer through fermentation. The high temperature during fermentation also kills harmful components in the raw materials, such as pathogenic bacteria, parasite eggs and weed seeds. Also, the fermented animal manure can be processed into organic fertilizer that is better and more stable for soil and crops.

  • Organic Fertilizer Pelleting Process

It is the time to go to the key process of an organic fertilizer plant. When the manure is processed into fementated manure without odor. It is time to convey them into a pellet making machine for sale. The loose manure will be pelletized into small cylinders with the same density, shape and size. 

  • Final Process of Fertilizer Pellets

The final pelletized fertilizer pellet has a high temperature. If you plan to process organic fertilizer pellets for sale, it is suggested that you equip the cooling machine and bags, while if you have no plan to start fertilizer pellet production but for self use with small capacity, you can leave them in a ventilated place for later use.

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ABC Machinery's equipment includes dewatering  machine, fermentation tank, pellet making machines and a variety of related equipment. We are an experienced manufacturer and supplier of fertilizer pelletizing equipment that produces cost effective and efficient equipment. If you want to buy our organic fertilizer plant, welcome to visit our factory, all our staff welcome you!