Is It Possible To Make Organic Compost Fertilizer?

Organic compost fertilizer is good for your flowers, crops and other plants, because it adds nutrients to your plants. That sounds like fertilizer. But almost everything you read says compost fertilizer is not organic. So let's take a closer look at this myth: is it possible to make organic compost fertilizer?

is it possible to make organic compost fertilizer

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What Is Organic Fertilizer?

Before we figure out whether we can make organic compost, we need to know what kind of fertilizer is an organic fertilizer. (Related article: how to make organic fertilzier>>)

from compost to pellet fertilizer
Organic Fertilizer Pellet from Animal Waste

Organic fertilizer is a fertilizer made from agricultural waste, animal waste  and other by-product resources rich in organic matter as the main raw material, after fermentation and maturation. Organic fertilizer should have the following features: improving the soil, fertilize the ground, improving the vitality of soil nutrients, purifing the soil ecological environment, guaranteeing the high quality and high yield of vegetables, etc.

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Is It Possible To Make Organic Compost Fertilizer?

Once we know this, next we look at the possibility of making organic compost. Mainly, raw materials and production process and equipment are the most important. 

  • Raw Materials

The above mentioned raw materials for organic fertilizer mainly includes the animal waste and , in fact, in life, there are many types of raw materials that can be used to make compost.

Raw Materials To Make Organic Compost Fertilizer

Suitable raw materials Details
Agricultural waste straw, soybean meal, cotton meal, etc.
Livestock and poultry manure chicken manure, cattle, sheep and horse manure, rabbit manure.
industrial waste wine lees, vinegar lees, cassava dregs, sugar dregs, furfural dregs, etc.
household waste kitchen waste, etc.

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  • Production Process And Equipment

The production of organic fertilizer is to have special organic fertilizer production equipment including dewatering machine, fermentation tank and pelletizing machine etc. If you haev interest, you can contact us for the latest price list and business cost, all of our equipment is at factory price. (Read more: organic fertilizer pellet mill exported to Mexico>>)

organic compost fertilzier production line site
Organic Compost Fertilzier Production Line Site

Traditional compost making method is to put all the raw materials inside a container for fermentation, and even in some rural places, will dig a large pit in an open space with plastic paper film for composting. But with the development of science and technology and the improvement of people's economic level, organic fertilizer produced by a clean and efficient process and equipment is more favored by farmers, florists and the fertilizer production factories. (Relate article: how do you make compost fertilizer>>)

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With these raw materials and professional production process and machinery, the traditionally produced compost can be processed into organic compost fertilizer today. Welcome to contact us for more information about the equipment to make organic compost fertilizer.