Do You Know How Wood Pellets Are Made?

Wood pellet is one kind of renewable resource, it has many applications, like fuel burning, wood pellet bedding for horse and cow, cat litter etc. Due to the wide applications and highlights, wood pellets are more and more popular around the world. But have you wondered how wood pellets are made? here is to tell you.

how wood pellets are made

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To Learn How Wood Pellets Are Made at Low Cost

To learn how wood chips pellets are made, first you need to know what wood chips pellets are made out of. Wood chips? No, there are many more biomass materials than just wood chips that can be used to make wood pellets. (Related article: wood pellet business plan>>)

raw materials what wood pellets are made
Raw Materials What Wood Pellets Are Made

These different kinds of raw materials in different forms are transported to the wood pellet plant, and they can be sawdust, wood chips, wood chips and shavings, or the residues from the furniture production factory, even some other wood that is not suitable for direct pelletizing. Through a series of equipment and processes in a pelletizing plant, it is eventually turned into cylinders of the same size and shape. 

Here are some specific processes:

customized flat die wood pellets making plant

Wood Pellets Are Made in Small Wood Pellet Plant

Raw Materials Pretreatment 

This process is very important for making wood pellets, only when the moisture and size of the raw material meet the requirement, high quality wood pellets can be made. (Read more: biomass pellets cost>>)

  • For the raw materials with multiple types, mixing machine will be equipped;
  • For the raw materials with large volume like wood log, or wood rob, wood chipper or hammer mill are both necessary;
  • For the raw materials with high moisture content, a drying machine can help to decrease it to the suitavel level.

Wood Pelletizing Process

When the raw materials with suitable size and moisture content are ready. They will enter the wood pellet making machine through the feeder. Inside the wood pellet mill, loose raw materials are pressed into high density cylinders through the pelletizing hole under the pressure between the pelletizing die and rotary roller. (Learn more: cat litter production line>>)

ring die wood pellets making line
How Wood Pellets Are Made in Large Wood Pellets Making Plant

We have two types of wood pellet mill for sale, respectively are flat die type wood pellet mill and ring die wood pellet making machine. Both of these wood pellet making machines are designed and manufactured with high quality raw materials but with factory price. You can choose one of them for your wood pellet production line.

Cooling and Packing Process 

The wood pellets just discharged from the wood pellet mill are very hot and need to be cooled to room temperature for better storage and longer shelf life of the wood pellets. Next, the cooled wood pellets from the cooler are transported by conveyor to the automatic packer, which can be made to automatically weigh and pack according to your needs and cost requirements. (Read more: making pellets from leaves>>)

Until now, you may have known more about how wood pellets are made, and you can see the wood pellets making machine is the most important role in the whole wood pellet production line. If you have interest in processing wood pellets, or investing in the wood pellet making equipment industry, you can contact us for free, we are always here for you!

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