The Main Design Points of Ring Die Pelletizer

The core part of large wood pelletizer is ring die. The quality of ring die affects the capacity, production cost and energy consumption. The cost of ring die wearing is more than 25% of the complete wood pelletizing production. Today, we will introduce some design points of ring die.

ring die ring die pelletizer
Ring Die Pelletizer

  • Determine the ring die diameter and ring die compression ratio.
  • Determine the speed of ring die: The speed of ring die is related to the geometric parameter of pelletizer equipment (roller number, diameter of die hole, depth, etc.).
  • Determine the roller diameter: For the same ring die mode, larger roller diameter means bigger extrusion scope between the die and roller and it is better for pelletizing.
  • Heat treatment of ring die material: Usually, ring die is made of carbon structural steel, alloy structural steel and stainless steel by forging, cutting, drilling and heat treatment process.
  • Ring die hole structure, compression ratio, roughness and ring die processing equipment.

ring die pelletizer machine
Ring Die Wood Pelletizer

Above are the main points of ring die design. Hope it is helpful. More about GEMCO pelletizer, please continue to pay attention to our website. Welcome to contact us if you are interested in our machinery.