40TPH Fish Feed Plant

Project Name: Fish Feed Plant
Factory Capacity: Make 40 tons fish feed per hour (equal to 250,000 ton/year)
Main Feed Components: Fish powder, shrimp powder, soybean cake, etc.
Application: This feed plant is designed for processing fish feed pellets which are suitable for both fish-farming and fishing as bait. The final feed pellets can be used to feeding squid, tilapia, herring, grass carp, carp, squid, and other meat-eating and omnivorous fish.

Sinking Fish Feed Plant Photo View

This is a commercial scale fish feed plant with the capacity of 40 ton/h. It is designed and built for making sinking type fish feed pellets. Here are some onsite construction photos of the project for your reference. Detailed information and project cost is available if you need. Just send an inquiry and you can get a quick answer as soon as possible.

fish feed bait processing plant for medium to large scale production
Finished Fish Feed Factory
fish feed plant for making fishing bait pellets
Fish Feed Plant Under Construction
how to start a complete fish feed plant project
Fish Feed Processing Equipment
electric carbinet of the fish feed production plant
Electric Carbinet
fish feed factory PLC control room
PLC Control Room
fishing bait pellets producing equipment
Final Fish Feed Pellets
( suitable for fish-farming and fishing bait)

Fish Feed Extrusion Feed

Extrusion feed produced by floating fish feed plant has been paid more and more attention, mainly due to the following advantages:

extrusion floating fish feed pellets
Expanded Floating Fish Feed

  • After high-temperature and high-pressure treatment, the starch is gelatinized and the protein is stratified, thus the nutritional value of the feed is greatly improved. Besides, high temperature and high pressure has good sterilization effect, making the feed good in palatability and easy to digest.
  • The extrusion feed is porous and has a small specific gravity. It can float on the water for a certain period of time without sinking. Water pollution is reduced as well as the feed loss.
  • Extruded feed has low moisture content, generally 6%~9%, featured of good shape retention and can be stored for a long time.
Extruded feed is good choice for fish and pet. According to the experiment, the digestibility of fish can be increased by 10% to 35%.