1.5TPH Wood Pellet Production Facility in Domestic

Project Name: Wood Pellet Production Facility
Plant Location: In China
Output of the Production Line: can make 1.5 ton wood pellets per hour
Project Cost: Welcome contact us for detailed factory layout, equipment price and project cost.

This set of wood pellet production facility was ordered by one of our client in domestic, China. This is his first pellets manufacturing factory. If this plant running well, he will consider to expand the production. This is a turnkey pellet plant project from factory layout, equipment manufacturing, onsite project construction and commissioning. The pelletizing result is quite satisfied. (Related Project: 1ton/hour Wood Pellet Manufacturing Plant In Italy )

wood pellet production crushing and drying facility
Crushing and Drying Facility
wood crushing facility inside
Crushing Machine Inside
wood pellet production facility for industrial sized factory
Wood Pellet Production Line
sawdust drying facility for complete wood pellet line
Rotary Dryer
wood pellet machine ring die type for hard wood processing
Ring Die Pellet Machine
wood pellet manufacturing facility
Other Equipments
sawdust feeding silo on the top of the pellet mill
Feed Bin
wood pelletizing facility included in the production line
Details of the Pellet Mill
wood pellets cooling and sieving facility included in the pellets plant
Pellets Cooling and Sieving Equipment
wood pellets bagging facility included in the pellet mill plant
Pellets Bagging / Packing Equipment

Biomass Pellet Production Facility is equipment which is highly advanced to convert biomass materials to renewable fuel pellets that are eco-friendly. It is important for a customer to consider maintaining the product regularly in the aim to ensure that there is an improvement life of the machine. (Related Articles: Set up a production Line for making biomass Pellets & Briquettes)

Maintenance of Wood Pellet Production Facility

The following maintenance actions of biomass pellet machine / facility are vital for the quality production of biomass pellets.

  • Heat Management and Cooling

Wood pellet machine produces biomass energy by pushing the biomass raw materials so as to come up with pellets. This mode of operation by the machine makes it operate under high temperature thus requiring proper oil supply and cooling so as to increase the output. (Related Article: How to Choose Wood Pellet Mill? )

  • Control of Moisture Contents for Materials

This is because too high moisture in the facility causes continuous blocking reducing its operation. The user is required to perform a moisture content test to avoid dumping in the machine and increase the biomass production.

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  • Lubrication of the Facility

The wood pellets making facility has driving gears which require regular lubrication for a continuous flow of the gears. Lubrication check is essential before starting to operate the machine to minimize the wearing off of machine parts when producing biomass pellets.

  • Inspection and Replacement of Parts

Considering that the pellet machine produces a lot of heat in coming up with biomass pellets it is important to continuously check all parts of the facility. This makes it possible to replace the wearing off and broken parts of the machine for normal operations. ( Related Article: Cost of Starting a Wood Pellet Plant )

  • Cleaning

The facility requires being continuously cleaned after producing the biomass pellets. After the machine is cleaned anti-rust oil and tarpaulin are applied on the machine. The place where the machine is stored should be stored indoor, with no acids and corrosive gases for long operations of the machine.

If you are have any questions of our wood pellet production facility or feel interested to know detailed equipment cost, don’t hesitate to contact us!