How to Buy Wood Pellet Mill

In 2014, with the state support of wood pellet mill industry, the demand for pellet mill get large increased. Thousands of pellet mill manufacturer and biofuel enterprises have sprung up around the world. Many customers become confused in the selection of pellet machinery. There are also many investors worried about high investment funds, lack of pelleting technology and purchanse of equipment, so that they  flinched before stepping in this industry field. Then, how to buy suitable wood pellet mill and how to choose the right manufacturer? In this article, GEMCO will show you the way to by high quality and affordable pellet machine.

wood pellet mill
Ring Die Pellet Mill

  • First of all, choose a reliable pellet mill manufacturer with good reputation. GEMCO is a good choice.
  • Do not just look at the price when buying a wood pellet mill. Pay more attention to the quality and after sale service. Cheap machine is not good machine!
  • Inspect the manufacturer or factory by your self. Do not blindly listen to the boast of the sales. Check the production capacity and scale of the manufacturer. See if they have a large number of successfuel cases of pellet plant.
  • See if the manufacturer has feasible techinical plan and technicians for on site installation and training. There are many factories take two or tree months for installation and debugging, but still cannot make pellets or the produced pellets cannot reach the national requirements.
  • Buy pellet mills with simple operation and maintenance, complete accessories and automatic feeding system. So that the pelleting efficiency will be largely improved and the labor cost will be reduced at the same time. This kind of pellet making machine is suitable for long-term development of your business.
  • Pay more attention to small details. It is better testing the machine with your chosen raw materials before make an order.
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