Small Feed Pellet Machine Production Efficient Decrease Fact

As a kind of feed processing equipment, small feed pellet machine is widely used in the current poultry and cattle feed processing market. However, due to improper operation or other factors, the pellet machine often fails to achieve the ideal efficiency. What cause the production efficiency decrease of small poultry feed pellet machine? And this is also one of the most urgent problems for many users. Then, what should be done to improve the production efficient?

How to improve the feed pellet machine efficient?

small feed pellet machine
Small Feed Pellet Machine for Home Use

  • Uniform feeding rate: keep as even as possible when feeding the poultry fodder materials into the feed pellet machine, so as the keep the machine running smoothly at high speed.
  • Suitable Feed Diameter: Choose the suitable pellet die aperture according to different uses of feed products, so that to avoid the phenomenon of low output and no pellet discharge.
  • Ensure the gap between pellet die and press roller is appropriate. It is not only related to the normal operation of the small feed pellet machine, but also affects the maturation degree of final feed pellets.
  • Control the content of crude fiber materials: Crude fiber is one of the factors for pelletizing difficulty. Generally, the crude fiber content such as corn stalk is best to be controlled around 5%. Pease feel free to contact us for specific exact values for making different kinds of poultry and cattle feed, and we will give the calculation results according to your specific situation.
  • Add oil: When using your small feed pellet machine for making small amount of biomass pellets. Add 0.8% add can help reduce the equipment wear, and improve the service life of the feed pellet machine. Be careful not to overdo it.

Finally, the cleaning and maintenance of the small feed pellet machine is also an important part. Any questions about using small feed pellet machine for making poultry feed and cattle feed pellets, feel free to get in touch with us! And also welcome to visit our feed pellet machine factory.

Market of Small Feed Pellet Machine

Small feed pellet machine is simple to use, easy to clean, and can processing different kinds of fodder materials. The produced feed pellets have surface smooth, easy to digest, so that poultry and livestock get enough nutrition. (Read more about the eqipments for establishing a complete poultry feed plant )

small feed mill plant for making poultry and cattle feed pellets
Small Feed Mill Plant for making Poultry and Cattle Feed Pellets

We have developed a movable mini cattle feed plant. View more about it if you are willing to start mini cattle feed processing business locally.

In recent years, due to the changes in consumer demand and breeding structure, the animal feed market has also changed accordingly. And with the development of science and technology, large scale poultry feed processing equipment gradually fade into people’s attention, replaced by small and compact feed pellet machines. In addition, with the change of breeding industrial structure and the support of national policies, small poultry feed pellet machine is getting more and more attention by farmers.