3 Things You Should Know to Make Wood Pellets

If you want your pellet production equipment to operate at its best, there are three things you should know about.

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Moisture Content Below 16%

Pelletization is a process is about pressing and binding biomass powder or particles together into pellets. Water content is required to protect the materials from charring under the high temperature and pressure during the pelletizing process. But it the moisture content is too high, the pellet quality will be affected. When making pellets, friction will generate heat, if the temperature of pellet die approaching 90°C, the moisture will begin to gasify to bring off heat. Base on years of experience on wood pellet production, we suggest you to keep the water content below 16%. Actually, different biomass materials may have different requirements on moisture. Feel free to contact us if you have any question about this.

Particle Size Below 6mm

Ensure the raw materials are processed to small size below 6mm before feeding them into a pellet making machine. If your raw materials are wood logs, the pellet production needs log splitter, wood chipper and hammer mill. When make pellets from wood chips, hammer mill is capable to do the crushing. If make pellets from reeds or straw, hay cutter is needed to chopping the materials. For sawdust or bamboo dust, crushing process can be removed.

Tips for Biomass Material Mixes

Both soft and hard woods can be pelletized with pellet production equipment. But it is unwise to mix soft and hard woods and pelletize the mixture together. Different materials require different additives and moisture content. If you mix soft woods and hard woods together, it will be hard to control the performance of pelletizing. So when mixing the biomass materials, try to select the ones which have similar characteristics.  The same principle applies to straw types or mixtures of straw and wood sawdust. However, if differing materials are presented in a consistent ratio and mix by way of a proportioner mill, additives can be adjusted to suit, and quality pellets will be produced.

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Wood Pellet Making Machine for Sale

Keep these three factors in mind and your pellet production line will perform better and better. ABC Machinery is a professional pellet mill manufacture in China and we can help you with various pelleting problems. Send us an inquiry now to know more about our equipment!