Feasibility Analysis of Making Sugarcane Bagasse into Pellet Fuel

Making Sugarcane Bagasse into Useful Pellets Fuel

Sugarcane is produced in more than 90 countries worldwide, so produced the sugarcane bagasse. In the sugar cane industry mainly used for sugar production, sugar mills produce nearly 3 tons of wet bagasse for every 10 tons of crushed sugar cane, and it is becoming more and more important to deal with bagasse.

Sugarcane Bagsse Pellets Making Machine for Sale

In fact, sugarcane bagasse is a renewable resource, which can be used as biomass pellet fuel for daily use through a series of process by the sugarcane bagasse pellet making machines. As a manufacturer of pellet making machinery manufacturer and supplier, ABC MAchienry offers the specially designed pellet making machines on sale for making sugarcane bagasse pellets used as daily use.

Feasibility Analysis of Making Sugarcane Bagasse into Pellet Fuel?

High cobustion value. Bagasse pellets, when burned as a fuel, produces enough heat with a high calorific value of 3,400 to 4,200 kcal when burned in large quantities, making it a renewable resource that makes it superior to other types of fuels to meet all the needs of a typical sugar production factory, meanwhile reducing the sugar production cost. (Related article: how much does a pellet mill cost>>)

Bagasse Pellet Fuel
Bagasse Pellet Fuel

  • Renewable. Unlike fossil fuels such as coal and natural gas, which can be consumed (over a long period of time), bagasse pellets are made from renewable raw materials, as sugar cane grows every year. Therefore, we can supply an unlimited amount of raw materials.

  • Wide range of applications. Bagasse pellets produced by sugarcane bagasse pellet making machines are easy to use and store, suitable for home heating, household stoves, hot water boilers, industrial boilers, biomass power plants, etc. 

  • Turning waste into treasure. As energy demand increases and fossil fuels decrease, no one can guarantee their price stability. However, it is possible to control the cost of bottom slag pellets. In the context of global energy shortage, bagasse pellets are the representative of turning "waste" into wealth, and sugarcane is fully utilized. In addition to this, it also increases the income of farmers. (Read more: biomass pellet machine factory >>)

  • Environmental benefits. Bagasse pellets are good for the environment. Bagasse pellets are carbon neutral, which means that their own CO2 emissions are absorbed by themselves during the growth process. They do not release other air polluting gases into the air.

  • High return on investment. Low cost of raw materials, low investment in equipment and simple operation. Ordinary people can operate the equipment with simple training, labor costs are low, and coal prices are volatile. These factors ensure a better return on investment. (Related article: starting a wood pellet business>>)


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How to Make Sugarcane Bagasse into Pellet Fuel?

Bagasse Pellet Machine for Sale
Bagasse Pellet Machine for Sale
Pellet Making Line for Sugarcane Bagasse
Pellet Making Line for Sugarcane Bagasse

Usually, in order to make high quality sugarcane bagasse pellet fuel, we usually use the sugarcane bagasse pellet making machines though the following process:

Process Prodcution Details
Crushing The raw material is ground into a powder with a particle size of 3-5 mm
Drying The moisture content of fresh bagasse is about 48% to 50%, ensure that the bagasse is dried to 10-12% to cure
Pelletizing Feed the bagasse powdered material into your pellet mill and they will be compressed into pellets by the movement of the pellet mill ring die and pellet mill press spokes
Cooling This machine can save floor space and processing time. Cooling the pellets can make them easier to pack and transport
Packing After cooling, the pellets can be packed by packing machine to make them easier to store and transport

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Bagasse Pellet Machine Test Video

The process above is the typical sugarcane bagasse pellet making process, we can customized the special process and equip the related machinery for you based on your condition. If you have any question about making sugarcane bagasse pellets and want to buy factory -price biomass pellet making equipment, please feel free to contact us!