Straw Pellet Machine

Straw pelletizing technology is to press various kind of dispersed materials into pellets under a certain temperature and pressure. The pressed products can be rob briquettes, block and pellets. Straw pellets are great alternative of coal. There is less smoke and more heat when burning straw pellets. Pellets fuel is clean and easy to transport and use. It is also one of the effective utilization of straw or stalk. In recent years, straw pellet machine has obtained widespread attention at home and abroad.

straw pellet machine
To prevent the final pellets rebound back to the original form and make it maintain cetain shape and intensity, amount of adhesive is needed. The adhesive can be inherent in the raw material or be added during pelletizing. Straw and other biomass materials are mainly composed of cellulose, hemicellulose, and lignin and resin, wax and other components. Among these components, lignin is generally considered to be the best adhesive inside biomass materials. Lignin has no melting point but has softening point. At room temperature, lignin is amorphous substance. When the temperature reaches 70℃-110℃, the lignin starts softening and the adhesion force began to increase. At this time, with a certain pressure outside, the lignin will glue the cellulose and hemicelluloses. And the biomass particles will be bonded together with each other. After cooling, the strength of pellets will be largely increased.
The above is the straw pellet machine working principle. If you still want to know more about straw pellet making process, please contact us. We will warmly give you the details. GEMCO is specialized in straw pellet mill and we have won wide recognition after many years. GEMCO Pellet Machines have high quality and reasonable price. Looking forward to your visit!